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  1. Planning to jump back in game soon. Good to see a lot of familiar vets still around!
  2. How's the air war going? Good to see you still here Reb. Zippy still around also! I've been itching to jump back in game.
  3. They changed the links to redirect to http://battlegroundeurope.net/getting-started so people would stop downloading the broken patch. They will change the download links to the correct URL when it's fixed. Notice when you mouse over the download link, it's pointing to the page you're already at.
  4. I couldn't agree more Tarpoon. I invited a friend to try the game, his experience was just as you describe. He spent way too much time trying to find T0 FTP planes to fly. Quite often, he wasn't able to. I spent a few days bombing with him to rank up, and he has subsequently upgraded to a basic account, but he was very frustrated. I really hope something can be done to get more (new/ftp) pilots in the air. I've kicked around the idea of guaranteed rides for new players in my head (perhaps for their first week)... but at the very least I'd suggest increasing the supply of n00b rides. If that can't be done, there are a couple things that we could all do to help the new pilots out. 1. Make a better effort to keep missions up where supply exists 2. Always ensure there are bridge missions up -Wiffy