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  1. the second emial should read "New email from Battleground Europe Forums"
  2. sweet! hick knows how to retract the stuka's gear!
  3. i had a blast. i only feel for the few americans (k0ncept, tinky123 and fafrd) who had to share a ts channel with all of us krauts... thanks for the organization!
  4. 1st wave: hit EDD, killed ETT (hinfoos) - KIA 2nd wave: hit ETT, killed EDD (thought i had screenshotted the name. didn't obviously.) - RTB
  5. i would like to join the stukas of doom. if possible, i'd like to be assigned to Akagi group. looks like there's a lot of krauts in there. i'll bring some beer along.
  6. why? not that i really care. i might learn something after all.
  7. for me the "Battleground Europe" folder is there but empty. all keymaps seem to be still present, but even if i change a keymap and save the changes said folder remains empty. screenshots don't appear there either...
  8. very nicely done! !S
  9. a new gfx card will boost your FPS zillions of time
  10. cc, thanks gnasche!
  11. whenever i click on 'edit your personal information' it takes me to the 'hidden.jsp'-page although i logged in before to even get there. is that a known bug?
  12. a user in the german community forums just described the same problem. since it clearly is a server-side problem (ClassCastException according to the stack-trace) is is nothing the community-support could fix... can anyone inform the rats about this problem please?
  13. gnasche, beta arena is "222". maybe it's worth the effort to temporarily add it to your guide...
  14. btw: for launching beta add "222" in the target (see gnasche's link)