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  1. thanks, i try my best
  2. Well steam was worth a shot
  3. Type .Graduatetrue In the chat bar and skip all that
  4. it worked!!!! you guys rock,, thanks !!!!!!!!!
  5. nice!!!! please help me!
  6. yep that is %100 correct
  7. update rws flying hotrod account hotrod flying rws account we were on ts together. i can damage him no problem. he can blast away and nothing hurts me. i can see his tracers going all around me but hear no plinks or take any damage. so its not my pc or set up,,,its my account
  8. zeke thats exactly what it seems like.when the server is going down and kills are disabled
  9. what is this secondary download? never seen that before
  10. havent been able to score a hit since the patch:confused:
  11. spit5 - strafed atg and bofor 0 hits
  12. im windows 7
  13. d520= unloaded everything i had into stuka point blank 0 hits
  14. bell= 0 hits against ground enemy