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  1. thanks, i try my best
  2. Well steam was worth a shot
  3. Type .Graduatetrue In the chat bar and skip all that
  4. If anyone is interested in flying French I am willing to help anybody that wants to learn. I do go axis every third map for two reasons, why pay for only half of the game and it's best to learn your enemy's weaknesses. Faf is hard and a lot of people can't handle flying it all the time. But if you're looking for a challenge let me know
  5. im having the same problem with my laptop. it cant see my gtx970 just the 4600?
  6. lol you sure can. you back now?
  7. i have to give props to hk4u. he takes a lickin and keeps on tickin! no matter what he keeps coming out and learning. theres more out there ive been running into and props to you all!
  8. its great to see new people flying. if any of you flying allied feel free to jump on team speak and ask for help. if your flying axis jump on with the zulu squad , im sure they will be glad to help. i can see a lot of you have what it takes and keep coming up after dying ,,which is what it takes. you will die a lot but as you stick around and get pointers from other pilots it will get easier. hope to see you all in the sky! S!
  9. Jg2 is a great bunch of guys! That's where I got my start 7 years ago and will always think of them as my home.if I didn't have my own squad going on I would join up with them again. Hopefully a bunch of the old members come back to the game. If your going to fly axis I highly recommend them!
  10. is there an updated roster? wanted to see if i got an 09?
  11. all true^^^^ i have a prelude and let me tell you, its awesome!!!! paired with my turtle beach hpa2 headphones game are incredible! and movies awww dont get me started,,, when i watch porn it sounds like im sitting on the edge of the bed!
  12. But WWIIOL does not take advantage of multiple GPUs, does it? But will WWIIOL do so in the future? ^^^^^^^^^this^^^^^^^^^^^
  13. awesome thread!!! read this on the way to reims and want to hear more. oh yeah,, nvidia rules the universe!