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  1. Having more dispersion does little when your in a bunker . I dont understand why you wont give the allies a 30 cal similar use as the fg34. give us something with a 50 or 100 round belt that we can run in a bunker with and clear 5 to 10 guys out . The Germans have had this for years . But for some reason the allies being able to do it is unthinkable . But the conversations goes on and on while they still do it .
  2. I am in no way interested in shooting a bolt action rifle. I cant hit anything when they aren't warping . Its spray and pray or im out .
  3. Thank you
  4. rather just have the straight up jeep . Jumping berms shoot and scoot .
  5. U.S. Jeep ... can be multi crewed .30 cal mg mounted seats 2 extra infantry and can pull light atgs .... 2nd version pulls only a trailer and can set fms and resupply infantry also has 30 cal . and can be multi crewed These were the first equipment to land at d day after the DD tanks hit (or didnt ) hit the beach .
  6. For me the jeep makes up for the halftrack that the axis already have . They dont need another transport .
  7. I have asked several people including my CO B2K . We cant figure it out . I hear the hatch open up hit the number period button and everything except HUD goes black . I have re keymapped it same thing . Re downloaded the game same thing . Also I cant even get the driver hatch to open in the Damilier.
  8. I would like to see an America Jeep . It should have light tow a 30 cal machine gun and be able to carry 2 inf with multi crewed capability . Please and Thank you ! <S>
  9. Have not heard one good thing about cap timer . You cant even get a mission set at a spawnable before its retaken half the time . Most of the people in my squad 7thast are talking about another game until this campaign is over . I hope it doesnt come to that . <S>
  10. I'm in......
  11. I cant seem to get the commanders to pop up everything just goes black. Also the driver hatch on the damieler wont open.
  12. ok I have Ill wait longer . still cant open Damiler driver hatch .
  13. I hit paypal to see if I could set up an account ... it sent you all an email saying I was using paypal . I have already paid via my debt card . I dont even have a paypal account . not sure what to do ,
  14. It got taken care of . Thank you.
  15. Im back ... been uh 10 years at least . I have my computer built and my account . Ill be getting everything going in the next couple weeks . Hopefully sooner than later . Happy to be back .
  16. I am 7thast . But thank you . I will be playing often and late at night so I will be getting around to all the sqauds I am sure . I will be needing all the help I can get . Should be on by the end of the weekend Im hoping .
  17. no answer in a month ? no answer in a month ?