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  1. game doesnt download proper, as explained above.
  3. dont use the first 2 slots below the pci-e video card slot, so move ya sound card down to the 3rd slot below pci-e slot. (i think) only if you have a proper sound card that plugs into the motherbooard pci slot.
  4. 1] try setting a higher monitor refresh rate, force it as high as possible, around 75hertz would be good. 2] set your video card to performance over quality. 3] If your playing on a laptop plug in a external monitor, preferably a CRT type monitor and test the game again, if this works it means your laptop monitor cannot support the refresh rates needed by the game. 4] set memory/cpus in system performance to devote itself to programs running on top instead of background services and cache
  5. XpertVision 9400GT Super PCI-E 2.0 512MB $68.38AUD inc GST thats like $45 US funds
  6. im a bit stumped on this one. i got a feeling you have some leaky capactitors on ya motherboard. or maybe a power supply problem, change the power dongle that plugs into your card with the one from your cd/dvd players/ remove anything that is drawing power apart from the things you realy need, so unplug the cd/dvd/floppy extra fans etc, then run ya system, even unused pci cards, remove them if not needed. get back to a bare bones system and start trial and error testing from there. good luck.
  7. ATI video cards in AMD system get extra performance it seems then using geforce cards in AMD systems. geforce cards fans run at max speed always, as ATI is using the low voltage technology to move air over the card without the use of fans.
  8. if it closes within first 2 minutes then check your firewall, antivirus, windows defender. you can add ports in the defender, firewall and antivirus programs to be excluded, aswell as adding the playnet.exe and wwiionline.exe files etc as exclusions. 4. Finding the cause There are a couple of tools you can use to help find or eliminate causes of these problems. 4a. CheckNet This is a simple windows program written to try and detect firewall or connectivity issues. Simply download, run checknet.exe, and click on Start Test. If firewalls/connectivity are not an issue, you should 7 tests with a status of "-OK-" and a last line of "Connection tests completed OK."
  9. Backdoor.Disgufa - ... it runs when the files are executed: %Windir%\explorer.exe; %System%\conime. exe; %System%\ctfmon.exe; %System%\dllcache\conime.exe; ... W32.Slurk.A - ... System%\alligt.exe" HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\ Winlogon\"Shell" = "Explorer.exe %System%\drivers\conime.exe" It also ... Trojan.Dachri - ... bitcomet.exe; bitspirit.exe; bittorrent.exe; btogether.exe; ccapp.exe; conf.exe; conime.exe; ctfmon.exe; cuteftp.exe; daemon.exe; dudu.exe; ... W32.Rarbeauty@mm - ... conime.exe. It also copies itself to all folders on all drives or overwrites any file it finds in the following pattern: %DriveLetter%\[FOLDER NAME]\[FOLDER NAME ... W32.Drom - ... exe; %Temp%\srogm.exe; %Temp%\csrss.exe; %Temp%\conime.exe; %Temp%\mmc.exe; %Temp%\spglsdr.exe; %Temp%\services.exe; %Temp%\copypfh.exe; ... W32.Slurk.A - ... nkurls" = "%System%\alligt.exe" HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon\"Shell" = "Explorer.exe %System%\drivers\conime.exe"; ...
  10. try a fastener place, or at worst you could turn the screw on a mini lathe.
  11. what most people forget is that they have to run upwards of 45 commands before they even start a game, your entire OS and all the running software will benefit from a faster hard drive. Read and write speed of your hard drive are the most important factor when wanting a fast pc. if any one of those 45 commands has a delay in accessing data from the hard disk then every other running program will also suffer, including ya games.
  12. how about ISDN, 64kbps thru ya phone line, its the old way banks connected to each other and big companies etc. Integrated services digital network (ISDN) can provide phone, fax, EFTPOS, data calls or internet access, with any two of these services working simultaneously over a single line. Two digital connections in place of one analogue line A single service for phone, fax, data calls and internet connection that removes the need to plug and unplug cables Flexible internet connection speeds of up to 128Kbps if both ISDN lines are used for internet access or a minimum of around 64Kbps if one of the lines is being used for phone or fax
  13. the fastest part of your system should be the hard drive, because thats almost always the bottleneck.
  14. Hi, 220 ping from Australia is good, the best i ever heard was 186ms ping, i average about 240ping myself (Gold Coast) When there is only 2 AOs the fights are compressed and this makes it jittery for us, you will have to avoid the big battles and look for the smaller ones to work around this. GL
  15. guy at top of the thread has sim problem, good luck.