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  1. Zeke, the problem is I use a Laptop for Voice and my PC for the game. I cannot map a Joystick button on my PC for PTT on my laptop.
  2. Xoom, The biggest issue is flying with a HOTAS, I am unable to push a button on my laptop at the same time. This is a huge issue for me and this adds an additional complication, which affects my enjoyment. Please reconsider this. Thank you.
  3. Can you remove the requirement for Push to Talk? I use a Laptop for my Voice communications and my PC for Gaming so I can adjust the volume on the fly and independently. Now I can no longer communicate without a voice activation, setting up a button on the Laptop is not feasible.
  4. anyone help on this:confused:
  5. model the Ratte and DOC can control it in the middle of an open field whilst we all try to blow him to hell with everything the Allies can muster:D
  6. Swedish equipment for the win
  7. Basically the Stuka raids... imo were as big a fail as this but it was fun at times, but last year was definetly better... I could dig Torp Blens next year or 110's as well as fighters for ppl
  8. I am the uber USS Allen.... here me roar GARG
  9. ill take the allen i didn't notice i was assigned it already sorry ice!
  10. SHOTGUN THE USS BLUE AGAIN get some u dastardly japs/stuka n00bs
  11. knew that i had the most uncreatively named ship ill take her out again and kill myself another intruding Fw 190!
  12. what was i last year christ.... i'll take it again it was a fairmile
  13. i vote for December 12th b/c december 5th is my bday and i don't wanna die on meh bday
  14. request either a DD or Fairmile im not picky