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  1. Zeke, the problem is I use a Laptop for Voice and my PC for the game. I cannot map a Joystick button on my PC for PTT on my laptop.
  2. Xoom, The biggest issue is flying with a HOTAS, I am unable to push a button on my laptop at the same time. This is a huge issue for me and this adds an additional complication, which affects my enjoyment. Please reconsider this. Thank you.
  3. Can you remove the requirement for Push to Talk? I use a Laptop for my Voice communications and my PC for Gaming so I can adjust the volume on the fly and independently. Now I can no longer communicate without a voice activation, setting up a button on the Laptop is not feasible.
  4. anyone help on this:confused:
  5. model the Ratte and DOC can control it in the middle of an open field whilst we all try to blow him to hell with everything the Allies can muster:D
  6. Swedish equipment for the win
  7. Basically the Stuka raids... imo were as big a fail as this but it was fun at times, but last year was definetly better... I could dig Torp Blens next year or 110's as well as fighters for ppl
  8. I am the uber USS Allen.... here me roar GARG
  9. ill take the allen i didn't notice i was assigned it already sorry ice!
  10. SHOTGUN THE USS BLUE AGAIN get some u dastardly japs/stuka n00bs
  11. knew that i had the most uncreatively named ship ill take her out again and kill myself another intruding Fw 190!
  12. what was i last year christ.... i'll take it again it was a fairmile
  13. i vote for December 12th b/c december 5th is my bday and i don't wanna die on meh bday
  14. request either a DD or Fairmile im not picky
  15. Russia: SPAM WITH TEH UBAH! TANKZ AND RESPAWNING INF!!!!!!!!!! Germany: Cunning, tactics and the innovators of CAS the Germans did everything right America: KILL IT WITH GUNFIRE!!!! Britain: Dig in grit it out, attack and never ever give up France: No way the German's will go through Belgium again! Belgium: FML!
  16. ohai... can has Stuka?
  17. Don't be so hard on the man, It's not like we didn't fight the most epic scenario ever or something like that.... jeez
  18. The shooting down of the 190 made my day. As did the inhuman amounts of flak
  19. Y HELLO THAR! I captained the USS Blue in the fatal bout. The waiting was agonizing but when the first Stuka's filled the sky i was all ready to throw lead up and FIRE MEH LAZOR! The first round my shots were pathetic and off, I registered one kill but scored many hits (got a deck gun hit.... FTMFW!). One bomb landed right next to the old USS Blue washing Ensign Mitchellson overboard (quickly rescued). So i was content to throwing up insane amounts of duel 20 love. WAVE 2... ...They came from the shadows! Stuka's poured from everywhich way. I quickly downed for and shouted in huzzahment. However i had to reload my duel 20's and suddenly that dreaded sight of a locked on Stuka was seen and BOOM four direct hits to the lil fairmile. The USS Blue was intact and did not list, for now. After counting my good fortune and hitting some more Stuka's I noticed a Stuka finish his bombing run and fly barely 10 meters above the water straight at me. He was a ways away but I kept at him with my Duel 20's and HARK! Kill-Credit on TOPD! Flying low isn't always the best idear TOPD... especially right at a Blazing hot Duel 20mm ! Then, like a bolt from the celestial heavens came a Fw190. Launching a high speed assault as it emerged from it's Time Warp the 190 launched a brutal assault on the Nevada (meh thinks) then it turned and tried to get whilst the getting was good and flew at ultra high speeds (barrell rolling all the while) it took a slight hit to the tail and kept going.... RIGHT into a storm of Duel 20mm rounds from my ship. The 190 BURST into flames taking with it the pilot (Strker45) alas the USS Blue could now barely keep herself afloat. Scoring a few more hits as the wave ended. The event ended with the ship damn near ready to head for the coral. All in all Time on Mission: 104 minutes Killed By: Wells22 (nice drop Wells) 13 Ju-87's Hit, 3 Ju-87's Killed 1 Fw190 Hit, 1 Fw190 killed guys it was fun, let's do more like it!
  20. the USS Blue (DD-387) and the USS Neosho (AO-23) should each be allowed to move as well as both made it to open seas
  21. ship designations posted
  22. DD-387 plz yes i'll be the USS Blue I also suggest a possible DB-7 flight to simulate the B-17's _________________________________________________ Ships designations DD's: USS California (BB-44, Tennessee-class) USS Maryland "Fighting Mary" (BB-46, Colorado-class) USS Oklahoma (BB-37, Nevada-class) USS Tennessee (BB-43, Tennessee-class) USS West Virginia "Wee Vee" (BB-48, Colorado-class) USS Arizona (BB-39, Pennsylvania-class) USS Nevada "Cheer Up Ship" (BB-36, Nevada-class) USS Pennsylvania (BB-38, Pennsylvania-class) USS New Orleans (CA-32, New Orleans-class) USS San Francisco (CA-38, New Orleans-class) FMB's: USS Cassin (DD-372, Mahan-class) USS Downes (DD-375, Mahan-class) USS Shaw (DD-373, Mahan-class) USS Helena (CL-50, St. Louis-class) USS Honolulu (CL-48, Brooklyn-class) USS St Louis (CL-49, St. Louis-class) USS Phoenix (CL-46, Brooklyn-class) USS Detroit (CL-8, Omaha-class) USS Raleigh (CL-7, Omaha-class) USS Sacramento (PG-19, Gunboat), whoever is almost historically accurate USS Allen (DD-66, Sampson-class) USS Chew (DD-106, Wickes-class) USS Blue (DD-387, Bagley-class) TT's: USS Vestal (AR-4, Collier or Coal Ship) USS Neosho (AO-23, Cimarron-class oiler) USS Avocet (AVP-4, Lapwing-class minesweeper) USS Oglala (CM-4, Minesweeper) USS Utah (AG-16, AAA Training Ship) struck by a torpedo a minute after attack started, capzized 11 minutes later... remember when choosing USS Tangier (AV-8, Cargo Ship/Seaplane tender) USS Argonne (AG-31, Auxillery Misc.)
  23. AAA axis please, Team Axis gets to use our secret SAM launchers, BWAHAHAHAHAHAAHA
  24. Where to begin! This was very epic! I loved every part of flying in my He 111 away from all other Axis planes! Me and fiambre double crewed a He 111 which was behaving a bit problematic and we fell off from the pack. This was a lifesaver, we would spend most of the 1st run at 1.1km in the air, while our compatriots flew daringly into a swarm of angry allied air units. For the second mission we were flying at 25m across the channel! This was something i feel blessed to have taken part in! I spent 148 minutes on my lone sortie! And nothing would make me give that time back S! to all involvec