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  1. been playing on and off thro the years came back to check out the update..maxing the settings but turning shadows to low yeilds about 30 fps in big battles :-( iv tryed just about everything from defults in the bios etc etc..pretty smart when it comes to troubleshooting but boy this game just seems poorly coded..sometimes the gpu usage will sit around 85 witch is nice but i just can not stand the laggy feel of 30-35 fps a sec guessing this is just how it is with the game...tryed a hd 5870 i had in my work station ran about the same I7 920 @4.2 h20 gtx 480 sli..sli disabled when running this game or you get 20 fps a sec 12gb ocz 1600 7-7-7-20 raptors 600 gb raid 0 msi big bang xpower windows 7
  2. ya there some parts of the map if you look one way 20 fps look the other 60 fps..this is the ONLY older game that gives me horrid preformance..i have played this game on 11 different graphics card but this is my firt ati card.. when a gtx 260 can give better results by 35% or more in this game the devs need to start trying to figure out what the problems is..iv emailed ati/amd but i realy do not think its the drivers its this game and new hardware..if you think your fps sucks now go try the beta server..slide show on this card..pop in my gtx 260 70fps no matter whats going on..dumb!! i have to do this everytime i want to play this game cuz it runes like garbage on my ati hd 5870's..i have a gtx 260 for pysx redner i have to disable ati drivers and run the gtx just to play this game..latly i log in way less becuz of it and the beta is worse
  3. first time with ati cards had them since november..i disable 2 when i play this game but what gets me is how my gtx 260 will run this game 35% faster then my single ati hd 5870..meanwhile i still crash and after testing the upcoming beta changes its worse..ctd every 15 minuts and min 25 fps a sec! comon its a shame i might have to use my gtx 260 just to play this game
  4. i still crash every 15-20 minuts..iv about given up..iv been playing this game on and off for 8 years..only reason it says 2007 was that this was a 2 account..iv played this game on so many video cards never had a problem till now..funny i poped in my old gtx 260 and it out preformed my hd 5870 by a very large margine
  5. gtx 260 core 216 189 bucks and it will run this game flawless on max setting with aa set in nvidia control panel..its what i use to play this stay away from ati cards if you only play this game..i have 3 5870's since wwii is not the only game i play its just the only flight sim i play..on windows 7 im able to use my gtx card when i wanna play this game or for physx
  6. only working on nvidia cards means alot of loss in players for crs that is for sure..if i was them id be making it a priority to get fixed or crs should start to email ati about it
  7. you have a ati card? forget about playing the new ones anyway..tho i see people having lock ups with all kindes of ati cards..i know my 5870 wont go past 1 minut after spawn without a lockup..unsub till its fixed..but read the sticky..thats going to be awile
  8. its sad that i had to buy a single gtx 275 just to play this game..i have 3 5870's first time i bought ati pruducts..sadly no xfire support for this game still but with nvidia you can make your owne profile and it does work in af1..
  9. wrong..ALOT of games just about double the preformance with a 2 card.long as you play at 1680 and up..iv tryed adding my owne profile for sli to this game..its the game that does not use sli not most games..most games with no profile like left 4 dead 2 demo witch is 5 days old i can get to work making my owne..this game does not..with the update coming it better
  10. ) What is your Operation System? Windows 7/xp/vista i can boot in all 2) What is your CPU? i7 920 2.6 3) How much system RAM do you have? 12gb 4) What is your Graphics/Video Card? ati hd 5870 4a) How much video RAM does it have? 1gb 4b) Are the Drivers up to date?yes 5) Does this happen Online AND Offline? yep 6) Does it happen for all unit types? yep * Infantry: * Armor/Trucks: * Aircraft: * Ships: 7) Does it happen at all locations? yes I cant even locks up right after spawn , in all xp vista and 7.. Iv tryed just about everything had to unsub cuz of it :-( i know its the video card drivers..they recover from a error when it locks up and it does lock up ALL the time 4 sec into spawn
  11. i have this same problem on low settings , i set it to high and throw the program on all 4 cores but flying to the deck can kill me at times..its worse if i boot up and play in vista.. 8800gts overclocked q9459 2.6 oc 3.6 4 gigs ddr2 at 1000mz vista or xp like most say i think its just the way the game is. iv tryed just about every setting and tweak different drivers etc..i try not to fly low in heavy battles
  12. therapy9 air to air combat , anytime is good for me