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  1. Hi Doc, good to see you around the forums. I think the one thing that could change is to allow the flak-36 have the one option it had in real life, was to be able to fire while limbered and still hooked to the prime mover. This put limitations on elevation and traverse. Flak-36 without a gunshield is a Flak-18
  2. lol TOO RARE!! did you know that the BEF only had 6 Matilda II tanks in the whole formation!!!! and 5 of them were in the same battlion. 6th was for parts motorpool queen
  3. puma wont solve the issue with 232's the vehicle has to be reworked from the wheels up. once the vehicle drives properly it wont have issue killing other vehicles
  4. you want to kill Allied tanks in a Armored Car? SdfKz 221 with 2.8 cm schwere Panzerbüchse 41
  5. the SdfKz 232 needs a rework so it isnt wonky and unstable. if the steering worked properly AKA you can lock the rear steering, for a more normal ride then people wouldnt have that much of an issue with it. almost all the complaints from people about it stem from the wonky steering which never occurred in real life. The all wheel turning in the 232 wasnt there so it could turn faster, it was there because the Vehicle had a Rear Driver so they could back out of dangerous situiations faster. which is a shame, that this function isn't even included in the vehicle
  6. I asked him to check out WW2ol through his facebook page
  7. where is my SIG and why is my post count so low now?????
  8. unable to connect to auth server ??????
  9. i didnt even sign up and i got a $9.99 recurring bill. WTF is this ****
  10. i just got charged 9.99 out of the blue, i havent been subscribed to ww2ol for months
  11. i get this error every log on since it first showed up
  12. Main Webpage seems to be missing something! Like the links to get to the forums
  13. after it seemed that the web page was down, now it works again
  14. still not working even after dumping the cache
  15. yeah somethings wrong not getting any of the links on the top have to use Google to get to the forums
  16. not for me
  17. had to use google to get to the forums
  18. i'd say its a feature
  19. had it while driving to Hasselt fromt he FB just now in my Pz2/c it would be violent then stop once it came to a full stop 1-2 seconds after it would start again frigging mad lame. like a 20min ride in hell got to just outside town and i couldnt do anything.