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  1. One of the oldest squads still existing in the game, born out of the Highlanders in 2002 alongside the Anzacs, while smaller in numbers the skill level and work rate in this squad is second to none.
  2. Fix: Re-do bushes, they are the same as they were in 2007 and are all just straight line hedgerows or straightline berm plantpots and have very little flavour for attacking around a town. Feature: Remove FBs as they are, replace with truck placed FBs that you drive up from the town behind but have variable spawns for both armour and infantry. People will respond to EWS more, people who want instant action have that more so and it makes things harder to camp. Create real ZOC for the playerbase rather than armour zergs and inf ant trails. To be honest most people in this thread are saying that TOES and town supply are issues, that's all strategic level stuff that in reality doesn't matter, what matters for 95% of the playerbase is having a good fight with combined arms that you feel a part of. Games have evolved and pretty soon WWIIOL will lose its niche because there's a clear market for people who want this game but just want something more modern and easier to get into.
  3. Bump
  4. I'm playing on my laptop, which is 1.6ghz i7, hd5870, 4gb RAM and on W7, but I can't get my framerate over 20 since 1.31. Beforehand I ran the game perfectly well over 100fps. Would it be possible for the RATs or some insider with technical know how to make a sticky with some system optimization techniques to improve my frame in the game? I know this should probably go in the other forumy thing, but more people look here and I think it would help out everyone to get a better playback.
  5. The game gets to 26% on the top line of the installation part after you select which folder to put it into then I get the message: 'An I/O error occurred while installing a file. This is normall caused by bad installation media or a corrupt installation file.' Anyone got a fix?
  6. Does the game take up the same amount of bandwidth at the map screen then when spawned in? Because I'm thinking of getting an internet stick so I can help run the map while at school but I don't want to blow a lot of money getting quota. How much bandwidth does the game roughly take (per hour say)?
  7. Hey dark i'm coming home on saturday for the start of summer holidays, and my new laptop is sitting there waiting for me, so come sunday when I have all the drivers and stuff updated and the game installed I get to play again!!! WOOOOO!
  8. I'm done with Chinese Forevvvveerrr!!!! WOOOHOOOO
  9. Yeah laptops will have a Fn (stands for function) key which will be blue on your keyboard, usually between windows and left ctrl.
  10. Fark why am I on forums... exam's tomorrow and I know nothing!!!!
  11. 'Personal Development Course' today... I'm going to bring my Mandarin revision me thinks.