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  1. Hi. As a player who isn't involved in the HC layer of the game and just gets his fun from being on foot and in vehichles what sort of things will I be able to do that I can't right now and how will 1.36 improve my experience.
  2. This is not a suggestion to do away with squads. It’s an extra idea. First let me tell you my situation with the game. I don’t want to be in a permanent squad, my spare time isn’t rigid and I can’t nor do I want to turn up to a squad night every week, this may show me in a light as antisocial non team player and also most of the time for me it isn’t practical to be on Discord, so now double anti social non team player, and as I’m on a mac theres no overlay so I can’t see who is speaking, so you may well ask why do I like playing. It’s a good game that I like playing. I try to communicate via keyboard as much as possible and if I haven’t marked something its because I haven’t heard it or seen it…most of the time ..sometimes I'm just tired. But when I do play I would like an in game option to group up as a temporary squad for a short while doing FB busts etc beyond one mission, but I don’t want to be part of a club that has to meet once a week to train. I just want to play, when I want and not feel any pressure to join in when I log in, sometimes when I log in Ive had a bad day and sometimes a good day.. but if I come on I’d like to just chill out and not chat on a mic but help out where I can. I absolutely love playing this game. It might be helpful as well for HC to see in game theres a group of two or three players that they have that are currently working together as a ‘day squad’ to send a message to rather than have to ask everyone in game if some of them could go bust a particular fb. Permanent squads are a great idea but, it’s not for me as I don’t want any more people in my life I might let down So without all the extra writing An option to move a group of two or more people to keep together in game for as long as they wish that can grow and shrink (join/leave) during a game session, that HC can see and communicate with and also other people can see perhaps. This might also encourage things like towing ATGs and other small team based activities that I read in the forums about that people miss doing in game. I think it would be a good way of helping new players and players that are less confident with their game knowledge. A separate comms channel like a squad but not with the pressure of when you log in you have to team up with the same folk and they know you’ve logged on, but you can send a day squad message from to side channel etc and when youve finished the session there's no pressure to be that team every time you play. It’s just a starting point of an idea and probably a broken one but hopefully it will spur on a better idea if there’s a conversation about it.