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  1. You need Quicktime mate: http://www.apple.com/quicktime/download/ it's free...
  2. I've put my vid up in 720x405 in mp4 format - 96mb ! - you can see the whites of their eyes (well not quite) - there's a link to download it if you want. Who needs Youtube ;-) http://www.s-on.co.uk/13th/ph.html ... ps check out the even bigger divx avi file below - these guncams look great when big... http://www.s-on.co.uk/13th/index.html Anyone know a place that supports big vid files?? ...
  3. Here's some vid... http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-3846897636616991968&q=source:010364111753828187817&hl=en Quality ain't that good - damn google
  4. Stuka here too - I hate that Ben Affleck
  5. Ahh openGL/AL - fusion doesn't support those hence the problem. Thanks all!
  6. Hi, Has anyone tried running ww2ol in fusion using XP? I loaded it up but the programme starts, screen goes black and then quits. I believe fusion has 3d directx support? Running a MacPro 3ghz quad core + ATI 1900 so should be powerful enough just to see if it works?
  7. sign me up 4 a DB7
  8. Did Jammyman cthd at the end of the event? There didn't seem to be a system call to say time out, or did I miss it? Don't suppose there are any stats for the training server?
  9. Hi, I have CH pedals, CH flightstick and Saitek throttle - The annoying thing is the default joystick 1 is the pedals - so I have to remap the keys to joystick 2 - the flightstick. In the Game controllers control panel the order is the same - Pedals Flightstick Saitek throttle Is there a way to make the Flightstick = Joystick 1 ??? This also affects other games too - the pedals come up as Joystick 1 - very annoying. Any help appreciated. (maybe it depends on which USB port they are plugged into?)
  10. Contacted their chaps and got this reply: Currently there is not support for the TrackIR line of products, and the Mac OS X. We are also currently looking in development for the OS, in regards to the TrackIR product line, but have no immediate plans to support the OS.
  11. Tried it using this: http://www.donelleschi.com/ramdiskcreator/ Didn't see any difference to be honest.