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  1. The pictures are of the players that were gold builders back in a day, I don't know if that program still exists.
  2. Read this:
  3. Read this thread:
  4. Trying to download the full version of the game but keep getting a way to small installer, is this problem on my end?
  5. Three posts up from mine.. So can anyone tell me what channels we are using for this?
  6. What's the address to the TS server? e. I am an idiot.
  7. I'll fly an 109, but I suck so count me as half an airplane.
  8. It's not, the game has realistic weapon modeling, that means such things as you can look at documents from world war 2 telling you how well a certain munition works and directly apply it to if you can kill a tank in game with it. It is also bigger, and a more strategic game than any shoebox shooter, but it's hardly a realistic war simulator. The game is free to try so why don't you sign up and see if you like it. And of course you can loose a bunker, just as easily as you can capture it, there are two sides you know.
  9. The only way to get capitalized letters in your name is to become a rat, or to have been a member of the community when a certain Rat got mad with power and started handing them out both left and right.
  10. I wouldn't trust any integrated graphics card to run this game. But I don't know.
  11. And making more threads about it will not help. Especially not in the community support forums.
  12. Well, the game will always take your inertia into account, just like in real life you can't just stop. I don't see how it can be imprented as a "drunk" feel, so maybe it's something with a wireless keyboard/bad framerate?
  13. Actually I am not too familliar with ATI cards but I don't think your video card supports shader model 3.0 which the game requires (probably why it doesn't load), you also do not have 2 GB of RAM available. If you want to download new drivers any way you can do so here, select X300 in the drop down menus.
  14. Did you check you drivers? Specifically your video card drivers could cause a crash on load.