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  1. Thanks guys, any and all help is appreciated. Saved all info to favorites.
  2. I've seen a chart giving this important info so if there is somewhere I can access this info I would appreciate any directions. Thanks. Jimato
  3. No the rudder is working ok, set for rz. I found multiple Air cfml files so that was the problem. One was the one the game made then I dropped in another which led to the conflict. I deleted all the cfml files and now I need to put in one the game can use. System is Windows 10, where do put the cfml folder. I thought it went into DATA folder but when I put it into the DATA folder it goes to quick access. Thanks for your help Merlin51.
  4. How can I tell if it is read only? The Air CFML file is notepad now and I can change the fil but do not know what to put for the rz code. If someone out there has their joystick rudder set to rz could you post the way its written in the air cfml file. Don't have an answer why it cannot be keymapped to the file unless the fire is not the right file. Thanks for posting Merlin51.
  5. Hey guys, I moved to Maui, Hi and installed the game on my gaming laptop. After several months I got my FFB 2 joystick sent from stateside and just recently the cfml file to set up the stick. All seems to be working as before, everything. When I set the yaw axis from Joystick 2 (rudder pedals) to Joystick 1 (twisty stick, rz axis) it switched to Joystick 1 rz axis, white letters it's then changes to green when I hit the save button, all normal. Then when I exit and go back and check the Yaw setting it has reverted back to the original setting for the rudder pedals. <joyaxis stick="2" invert="1">z</joyaxis> is part of the air cfml file line. I've tried several different things but not successful so far. I haven't tried removing the line in the cfml file yet. Is reinstalling the game the best option I have? Also could someone using rz twisty stick setting, please look and see what your air cfml line reads and post it for me, thanks. Aloha, hoop to fly with you all asap.
  6. The community support fix for my problem worked also to change the size of the game down so it weould fit om my laptop 15.6 screen. I had to check instead of uncheck. Thanks for helping me.
  7. Typed Display, clicked on change Display settings. Under scale and layout, changed the size of the text, apps and other items from 125% to 100%. Game fits the sreen like a glove. Now can I do it for just the wwii program?
  8. Hey BMW does Senior Member mean your over 65?
  9. I'm having the same sort of problem with my Legion Y520, GTX 1050 Ti with 4GB VRAM. My game is too large for my 15.6" laptop screen. I'll check out BMW's suggestion.
  10. This is my second post in the new forums. I like the look of them, easy to read and post. I'll be looking out for the new additions coming in the near future. S! Other then being in CRS how did you get a +17 reputation rating Zoom?
  11. Hey guys, I like the look of the new forum also will be watching what's added in the future. S!
  12. What is the ATI fix? I have an ATI video card AMD Raedom 5700 series.
  13. Same for me last time but i assumed it was being worked on.
  14. Thanks Petie, i changed my email address in Profile.