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  1. Hunting a "known" name is one of the best things that this game offers.
  2. See above. And this is from one of the best gunners in the game.
  3. Please make them optional or remove them completely. Thanks
  4. They removed almost all the flags, auto Ao's are in place. Fb's need a zillion charges to end an attack. Exactly why do you need to have HC on in your time zone ?
  5. Looking at this list made me very happy. Thanks for putting it up !
  6. Even easier is to not bother logging in at all.
  7. Why dont I log in as much: 1) almost never see a squaddie, the vast majority have left due to "fixes" . 2) shoot ei in the chest with smg and in turn get killed by the rifle shot 3) Sap a Sherman , nothing happens, 4) shoot ea in the nose with a bofors and he just shrugs it off and continues on his merry way. 5) to prepare for an ao takes 10 million charges to blow an undefended fb. Talk about boring 6) on and on ......... So here I am writing this rather than log in because I "Rage quit" sapped a sherman cutting the bunker in Nivelles. perfect placement of the charge , it went off and NOTHING happened. I was then shot in the back while trying to place another charge. I already unsubbed my 2nd acct due to bull[censored]. Maybe I will come back next weekend if it rains.
  8. It never ceases to amaze me that in a GAME that people PAY to play to shoot things ( and be shot) the solution tossed around is REDUCE supply. When they take away the toys can they also raise the price ? That would be perfect
  9. If the Allied wunderbombers can take out fbs , there will never be an axis ao again.
  10. If no missions are posted from an fb change it so it only requires half the current amount of charges. Help new ao's to get set and avoid massive boredom.
  11. I like the no ao / do required for bridge activities. The amount of charges or repair kits is excessive . One of the most boring things in this game to do is repair bridges - right behind blowing unguarded fbs. So lets make it take more time ?
  12. So I capped a depot ( was a spawnable) this morning and called for a mission to be posted asap. By the time i had died, re spawned on the new mission posted in that spawnable the 3 smgs were already gone. Trying to defend a spawnable against the ab supply of the enemy was laughable. The depot lists need to be evaluated. Rifles vs Smgs is zero fun and damn near impossible. !S
  13. Timers and increased number of divisions removed any motivation for many to be a part of the HC
  14. It would be nice if you guys ( Rats) could get the multi channel typing working again. It was very helpful for the HC guys and also people posting missions to be able to do 2 or 3 channels at once. Should be a high priority imho