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  1. It would be nice if you guys ( Rats) could get the multi channel typing working again. It was very helpful for the HC guys and also people posting missions to be able to do 2 or 3 channels at once. Should be a high priority imho
  2. "The Forgotten Soldier" Guy Sajer One of the most intense books I have ever read.
  3. WOW Twice in one day SEE ABOVE ^^^^^^^^^^^^^
  4. See the above ^^^^^^^^^^
  5. Dont worry about it bacon, I mentioned that a few of our squaddies were unsubbing and I was told by a nice Rat that other people were resubbing. So all is well.
  6. Tell me to use a tank I have to have a guy with a rifle next to me is a quick way to get me to say BYE BYE Delems , you have been here for a very long time. Have you ever seen the RATS force something on the player base and have it work ? Teamwork happens on its own. Telling people that they "Have to do this" is a sure fire way to get them to say no
  7. Take away smgs and guys log and dont play, take away tanks and guys dont log and dont play. Taking things away is Not good, one of the things that make this game fun is that you can log in and do whatever you want. Take away my binos , not fun, take away this and that = not fun. Taking things away from people to make others happy is not the way to do anything.
  8. Or they could leave this topic alone and go fix things that are actually broken instead of trying to limit things. I mean how big a deal is it that a guy with a bazooka can go kill a guy in a tank ? If neither of them has anyone covering them then who really cares ? LESS LIMITS and more fixing stuff that actually broke
  9. Thank you, getting rid of "Rambo" action is a worthy goal. But why is it limited to sappers and anti tank personnel ? I can drive a Sherman or a Tiger out into the middle of no place ALL ALONE and kill the hell out of stuff but I cant be hunted down in the same manner ?
  10. I don't know, they seem pretty convinced they had it "right"
  11. When I play golf rain is a pain in the [censored], when I am in my yard drinking a cold beer - rain is a pain in the [censored]. Rain is a pain in the [censored] - get rid of it LOL WOW A$$ is censored , thats funny
  12. So far I have lost 2 squaddies that paid for 4 accounts. Seems like this is not working as planned.
  13. I am not talking about recoil. Show me were the gun bounces around for 5-10 seconds , it Does not.
  14. After the first shot it bounces all over the place. Then the actual gun itself begins to rock like a 232 with the wheels missing. Trust me I am an 88 gunner from way back when. This is not even close to what it used to be. That is why during most attacks or defenses they never leave the spawn list. The noobs use em for aa practice
  15. Every other post is saying that there are no allies online, the map is rolling the wrong way ( for the allies) extremely fast , but yeah. Population on both sides is just fine.