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  1. The single most boring campaign in the history of the game. Thank god spring is here. I can come back in the fall and the map will be right were it is now.
  2. I wont comment on the disparity between the aircraft. ( I have done that enough) BUT Find a half decent bofors operator and run a little drag and bag. Really pisses the bad guys off
  3. LMAO , Db7 what a [censored] joke
  4. A classy guy, sorry to see him go. !S Rots
  5. Sal and I spent a lot of time together in the Wolves and when he decided to go Allied we had a hell of a good time hunting each other. If I had a dollar for every time he stuck that damned LMG up the tailpipe of my 232 I would be a rich man. I will miss his sense of humor and his grumpiness equally. I am happy to have called him my friend. !S Sal , hopefully the sappers still have 4 charges in heaven
  6. There are plenty of benefits, someone to cover your 6. Resupply ammo , actually do things that require planning and team work. Squads do all that every day. You might not see it but trust me it happens
  7. Some of us ( squads) have an identity and a reputation that we are fiercely proud of. The friendships made there are the only thing that have kept many of us playing. Hopefully this is not some kind feeler to force a change.
  8. There is no greater punishment for the OP side than have to chase a few guys around huge towns. Making the cap timers faster for the underpop side does exactly that. Being underpop should not be an advantage, give them the ability to hang on to their towns Nothing more
  9. The fb changes and the frus spitting out atgs all over the place suck
  10. Use 3 minutes as the base number. Sides are equal it is 3 minutes for each side. As the pop changes make the timer go UP for the OP side , not down down for the underpop.
  11. Disable auto protect before you download the game. Once downloaded do this : Open your NIS main window by double clicking the norton icon on desktop > settings > antivirus > scans and risks tab> items to exclude from scan ( its a a configure tab on the right) Set it to not scan Playgate.exe and you will be fine
  12. Originally I had just patched up, and everything worked fine. Then like I said I logged off and went to work. I powered down the whole system. ( I almost never do that) When I came home and fired everything up it appears that Norton did an auto update and felt that Playgate.exe was a threat and deleted it. I uninstalled this morning and did a full reinstall of the game. As soon as I hit the play button Norton again deleted Playgate with a warning message that went by so fast I could not read it. I turned off Norton's auto protect and reinstalled from scratch once again. I was able to get in game and kill a few things. The question is why is Norton just auto deleting the file?
  13. My second account is on a separate computer Program files > CRS > Battleground Europe > Playgate file inside Hondo account computer The Playgate file is gone were the F did it go and why did it go away and how do I get it back ?
  14. Is anyone else having an issue with a desktop shortcut ? Played this am using the desktop icon to get in, this afternoon I get an error saying : " The item "Playgate.exe" that this shortcut refers to has been changed or moved. So that this shortcut will not work properly. Do you want to delete this shortcut?" I did not change anything on my system from this morning , logged off and shut it down. Any ideas ?