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  1. I cant believe that they didn't "see" this when they tried it out for the first time.
  2. Would the German horses be able to glide silently through the fields ?
  3. Fixing the DB7 flight and damage model is far more important than this. Lets see how that goes over with all you "Historical accuracy buffs"
  4. If you are going from side to side I guess its ok, but fire up the game for the first time in hours there is no reason for it. Big deal ? No , annoyance , yes. Pay to be annoyed ? No
  5. Decided to play for a bit before I went to bed, logged in ( or tried to) and was shown a 1:45 second timer to choose German. What exactly is the reason for me to wait 1:45 for ? ZERO chance of me ever playing allied so instead i went to bed.
  6. "Manuver" bite your tongue, that would involve strategy and thinking and less brigades. You can have none of that here .....
  7. !S Jammy. One of the best guys I have come across playing this game. Taught me to fly the 111. One of the guys that made the weekend drag and bags fun. Salute my friend.
  8. The single most boring campaign in the history of the game. Thank god spring is here. I can come back in the fall and the map will be right were it is now.
  9. I wont comment on the disparity between the aircraft. ( I have done that enough) BUT Find a half decent bofors operator and run a little drag and bag. Really pisses the bad guys off
  10. LMAO , Db7 what a [censored] joke
  11. A classy guy, sorry to see him go. !S Rots
  12. Sal and I spent a lot of time together in the Wolves and when he decided to go Allied we had a hell of a good time hunting each other. If I had a dollar for every time he stuck that damned LMG up the tailpipe of my 232 I would be a rich man. I will miss his sense of humor and his grumpiness equally. I am happy to have called him my friend. !S Sal , hopefully the sappers still have 4 charges in heaven
  13. There are plenty of benefits, someone to cover your 6. Resupply ammo , actually do things that require planning and team work. Squads do all that every day. You might not see it but trust me it happens
  14. Some of us ( squads) have an identity and a reputation that we are fiercely proud of. The friendships made there are the only thing that have kept many of us playing. Hopefully this is not some kind feeler to force a change.