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  1. you got banned because you were on ch55 and kept on saying "move french air bde into twerp" over and over, everone .ignored you AND .reported you, be carefull next time its the most likely reason you got banned
  2. You could try some BEF squads first? but even then dont go tot he Dark side
  3. Answer please? If you are Assault Engineers it is a cool idea, specialize in Sapping tanks and such..I have a squad I am loyal to but I dont think we havea Sapper squad..
  4. Just a suggestion and a helping bump but Since its called the Assault Engineers are you a sappeing squad? Because if you are the name fits in vrey well, and put mroe info what would you do? rgound engagements stealth tank or ATG? The first post is one of the most important IMHO
  5. What are the best drivers for Nvidia 7 series cards? I read some posts where it says some of the latest ones dont work as well for WWIIOL
  6. Ok good point, I will try OpenGL and see if it affects my fps, and another good point brought up, wahts the best Nvidia drivers for WWIIOL. Im here some of the 9x.xx ones dont work so well especialy on the nVidia7family which is my vid card whats the best driver for wwiiol right now? Also I put my lcd screen to its native resolution and It gave 20fps more than usual, i can now have intermidiate settings but what im loving the most is the 64 sounds
  7. ooh I see then, I will have to wait a few weeks until I can build my pc. Mine still has a Pentium 4 3GHz. Ok if you have any other tips , like stuff to disable to make it work better much apreciated
  8. I installed the 93.71 series driver. From out-of-the-box to the latest one. Since I never tried the 8x.xx drivers I dont know if it is really better for fps in WWIIOL. So if I want to install the 8x.xx driver do I just d/l it and isntall it or do I have to un-install the 93.71 one??
  9. Thanks for the res info Lazyboy Well its better than nothing i guess. Also do the Nvidia drivers affect WWIIOL in any way? I am now hearing that some of the new drivers might cause it to become a slide show, I did download the latest one I found. If I were to install an older one could it work better? And if it does where do I find the oler drivers to install?
  10. ok I will see if it there, if its not I will report back..
  11. Well I have a nvidia 7600ge and im hearing how disabling it can inprove fps. I really need some more fps, latest drivers and am 20 in the barracks, and dont mention in the battle. on a sid note I have an LCD screen does reducing the res lower make fps go up or down? what the best res for good fps for an lcd?
  12. post your dxdiag also what are your system specs?
  13. check this out