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  1. I've been playing on and off for around 4 years now, mostly played Allied during that time. Most of that has been lone wolfing without a squad so I'd now like to join up with one. I mostly play infantry, but also play armour and air now and again. But flying solo is much harder than with a wingman or a few I'd imagine. So I'm open for anything and any type of squad. So feel free to post here or PM! Cheers.
  2. I feel sorry for the poor planes! All that flak! Ah well I guess if they get hit they can go Kamikaze!!!
  3. USS Neosho pleeeeease
  4. Jesterrrr! Long time no see bud hope alls going good S!
  5. Oh hey bud , nah can't leave this game lol, its impossible, keep coming back haha!
  6. Oh aye, the boobie man himself
  7. Sex! Join today!