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  1. Hello everyone. A couple vets looking for a few players that are intrested in joining us. Me and Wildcat5 have been playing the game since 2002. Recently we decided to start a squad that will be based on ground combat. We hope to an elite fighting force not really looking to be a huge squad but would rather have a decent size group that is willing to learn some tactics for fighting in urban areas and some behind the line recon. If you would be interested in joining feel free to PM me in game or Wildcat5 in game. Or shoot me an email
  2. That is me birthday. To bad ill be up in Northwest Arkansas.
  3. Hello all, the crazy horse regiment is forming up we are looking for players who wish to have fun. I and the XO have been around since 2002 playing, if your are interested shoot me an email @ Or in game @ synxer We will be HC affiliated and serve as mainly a support unit in Heer an Luftwaffe but all players are welcome. We want to have fun but at the same time acomplish something for the Fatherland. Thanks all!
  4. i was trying to log in my account from main menu n it says security certificate has expired is this true or do i have spy ware doing stuff???