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  1. Lucky dog! I've gone their twice (last year in spring and summer while I was on a trip over there) it's a really neat place. Have you been to the National Army Museum or that Tank Museum in Bovington Camp? That's a neat one.
  2. Thanks mate! Can't wait; I was really disappointed, my squad mates sounded like they were in a helluva fight when I couldn't talk.
  3. Well, good. At least I'm not the only one.
  4. Has anyone else ever gotten this error? I logged on today after my college's internet came back online and I could get in, spawn ingame with other people, but I had this error and could not communicate at all. Internet was still up, because I was able to listen into TS, but since my mic doesn't work for some reason I couldn't explain my problem or get any help. Does anyone have any ideas?