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  1. hehe, but IIRC, he said that he was strafed by a hurri with 40mm cannons. (somewhere in this thread)
  2. OK, I downgraded to 84.21 yesterday, and that seems to have solved the issue for me. I have played in a few heavy contested areas, with no FPS loss anymore. For those that have and AMD CPU and Nvidia GFX card, I recommend trying this. no more FPS loss when looking at forrests or heavy contested areas.
  3. I'll downgrade then to 84.21 see what happens
  4. tzulscha, If you see Lindemann again, ask him how the offraod performance was of the Tiger.
  5. talked to some guys ingame yesterday, and it seems ATI users arn't effected...? so it may be an nvdia issue?
  6. System Specs are: Amd X2 4400 MSI K8N platinum SLI 2gb ocz memory Geforce 7800gtx 2 raptors in Raid0 SB live! card latest GFX drivers. No Frame problems before 1.24
  7. Well, used to have 40-60fps on 1600*1200 resolution. even in heavy contested areas +40fps. since the patch upgrade, I first noticed a massive FPS drop when looking to a forrests & a heavy contested area. no problems when there are no forrests or low-medium contested areas. It's very strange. when I look around, all goes well. +40fps. but when a forrest comes into view (+-around 1000m away), fps drop to 5-7fps. lowering the resolution, no shadows doesn't help at all. yesterday I happen to be in a heavy contested area (Watten IIRC), even when completer inside building, fps going less then 6. Any advice?
  8. I even think there where no SS troops in Africa. Rommel kept them out.
  9. well, it seems a lot of people having this problem... was this announced the the PM messages inbox would be lowered to 50?
  10. I had 63 messages stored in my Private message inbox. since the migration to the new forums yesterday, I can only acces the last 50 of them!
  11. Very inconvienent, as I have about 60 stored....
  12. BADGER, what type of router u guys use?
  13. Tigerfibel can be downloaded on the net, for free (PDF format)
  14. Comes from Guderian :-) btw, how did his eye operation went?
  15. I'm missing this one in 1.19. is there a way to activate it again?