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  1. fSnIk4iSOKI rXuZEMKXJ1I 7NGWMlb21bM ok got a few videos up
  2. ive got a video otw up but im having problem uploading it to youtube, my connection is slow and the upload fails alot.
  3. 3599 days until i can spawn in as axis.
  4. i dont know if i can make it but we will see. if i make it il take the roll of a flight leader and i can do some recording aswell. installing fraps.
  5. sign me up for a E4 could we also have EU time for this ? whats the GMT time for this ?
  6. btw any one that can post the GMT time zone version of this ? would be good to have for EU players like my self whom are not to sure of how to count the time.
  7. 2nd Carrier Division (Flying out of S.Hertogenbosch 12 1/2 min flight) Mission Leader - Soryu Flight Leader - Count me in as Flight Leader i did lead Flak trap Valley so this should be easy compared to it.
  8. we do but you need more heavy metal
  9. dude the quaility is fine
  10. are you uploading in HD quality or something ? just lower the quality as long as it looks good in 800x600 its fine.
  11. are you using an old 56k modem ?
  12. we demand link to ze video
  13. pretty much sums it up. i had some problems with the Bridges AOs as they where not updating in time. i lead the Axis forces to Victory in this Stuka powered awesomeness. we had 5 groups consisting of 3 in each. 1: Shadowxz, Hinfoos, Jhunter77 ( i think) 2: Tester, FWdii ( cant remember whom more was in it) 3: Casschan, notwvoty, Chipaev 4: biggio, Wllstrt7, Greni 5: Namesnik, nmer, grundy sorry if i spell some one of your names wrong. in our first charge we did take down 2 bridges and damage another. in the next charge we damaged 2 bridges and took down 1. then we decided to fly asap and take down those two that was damaged. we then formed up again for the next charge as we took down 2 more and then it was all up to the squads and with only one of the northern rail bridges up on 75% i went in with eggs to take it out, i missed ..... i put the eggs on both sides of the bridge dodging AAA. after that one of my minions fixed my failure we formed up and charged the last bridge in operation firestorm. i think i was the last one to drop a bomb on the bridge as i got a Churchill plus a Bedford. splendid work to all.
  14. sign me up as a stuka