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  1. Yeah, we get PEW!
  2. Ah! It was the playback setting. I hadn't changed anything, but there we are. It was way down. Now I can set Discord to 100% volume again. Also, I had previously stopped Windows from automatically dropping the volume. Thanks!
  3. I realize Discord is a third party app, but since yesterday, the volume is so low on it that I have everything turned up to 200%, (Why not make the damned volume 200% just equal 100%?!?,) and it was still so low I couldn't hear anyone well at all. They said my mic was too low and they could barely heart me as well. I boosted my mic by 10db and they could hear me much better, but it's still too low. What's the deal? Anyone else having this issue?
  4. Glad to hear you are all well. Death to the jihadist death kult psychos.
  5. So that the Allied LMGs remain awful.
  6. I'm reserving my excitement for version Then I know that chit's about to get REAL.
  7. That was a fun drop. I managed to kill the Laffy that was trying to set a FMS near the docks, ran in and someone spawned an FMB and MGd me.
  8. I ate a Hot Pocket once, and it cost more than $.50. Also, it gave me farts that smelled like sour diarrhea for like 6 hours. Not one fart was trusted that night.
  9. Shotguns just weren't prevalent in Europa during WWII. I'm sorry that actual history doesn't fit in to your need for a weapon that doesn't require your aim to be better.
  10. LOL Krokus...
  11. RIP Ltcanada Not to be morbid, but that is an obituary to really be proud of. He has obviously left the world a much better place for his being here.
  12. Hahahaha! Rich!
  13. LOL I didn't think you'd actually post a real photo of yourself having a wank in the library, SB... HAHAHA
  14. ...except when you are trying to camp an FMS with a Thompson and Vas spawns an LMG and sprays your azz dead. Remember that a few nights ago? hahaha I got killed and saw it was you, and decided it was worth wasting supply to kill you by spawning into the "camped" FMS. Took two tries. Satisfying LOL
  15. Put the HE/Ammo patch in before Steam so we can work it out before the new players all decide that a 2 wk free trial is all they're willing to give this game.