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  1. Good thread. The last set of PPOs really put the term "player-driven content" in the forefront for this game. They're still very fun and still highly useful in game play. I'd love to see more PPO variety as well, but not so that they can collide. There are some great reasons to not let them collide withe nearby structures. I don't think the coding gives a distinction between player placed or dev placed like an AB wall, and that poses a problem when players start blocking exits/entrances to the point of ridiculousness -which would happen immediately. I LOVE the idea of the PPO cool-down timer being shortened when within reload range of a truck though. Truck equals supply... maybe there's a ham sammich, some water and a cigarette on there for the engineer to catch his breath. Maybe there is sand and bags... whatever. Faster resupply and cool-down recovery. I want to see more attachable stuff to the current FMS though, so as to confound FMS camping by tanks and that one arsehole with an SMG who just squats there and racks up 50 kills while the playerbase pisses away good supply. I know that ATGs and AA need to be able to spawn and deploy, and that makes a closed type spawn almost impossible... but what if there were infantry AND AA/ATG spawns available on missions? The ATG and AA one can be like the current one and the inf only can be expanded to include some raised "trenches" or open topped tunnels. Might be good fun to toss nades around in them.
  2. Maybe move some French factories to other areas of the coast and not in a line along the south flank? IDK man... we had a lot of great coordination going on in both the last campaigns, and it really made the difference, factories or not. Real time HC involvement, and some masterful maneuvering at that. Nobody wants to try and attack England, so we pretty much go for the jugular in the south. Why wouldn't we? Clearing the continent... does that mean you'd be interested in requiring the Allies to capture every town there as well? Why not just remove the portion of the map to delete England's land from it? When it takes a minimum of 2 hrs to get there with a freighter loaded with trucks at the narrowest crossing, nobody's really interested in doing that any more. I think linking towns should have floating dock deployment areas and beach heads to be used for attacks.
  3. Mo, I always love watching your AA videos, especially while sipping coffee to get my day going. Do you use a mouse? I want to learn that.
  4. Just take note of their name and if they keep doing it, dot report them, especially if they don't stop when you ask nicely. You can also look to see if they are on Discord, and drop down a channel and ask what's going on. You may end up making a friend, if they're just bumbling around. IF you find someone who just killed you with their Hurricane in the same channel though... report it.
  5. I have enough chit to do IRL. I come here to unwind and play army with friends. I have full time work, full time school, I'm a dad, a husband. I am not a game developer and have limited time available even to have trigger time. It's sort of why we pay game devs a sub to keep the game current, working and welcoming to new players. All I have time for is to offer a suggestion.
  6. Merlin has it. To place a clone hit the space bar. At the rifle range, you have it all marked out and can stand next to the targets. Walk back to the firing line and turn around. There you have it. Practice head shots. Do the clones still die? You can leave them all over the range at various distances and practice.
  7. Well, maybe that was because the tutorials start you as infantry and the first thing you are shown is W,S,D,A and sprint. It's the same thing as every other game. Total waste of time there. Maybe it was also because the tutorials were bugged for a while screwing with people trying to get through "how to walk" and actually finishing it. That was fixed, but there was a need for a brief lowdown of how to find a town, join a brigade in that town and then how to see available missions and how to make one, as well as where to find the keymapper for reference. One of the first things I find myself doing in any new game is immediately going to keymapper and having a look around. Just a 1 minute video that can be broken up over a 2 minute long intro to the game. The win is obvious. People in action within three minutes of downloading the game and not being instantly driven to madness. Regarding the TOEs/HC system, There are so many great ideas here I don't feel I could add much to them. Some kind of movable supply in limited availability would be nice. The three hour AO timer is a good idea, too. Does anyone think a full brigade's worth of infantry, tanks, trucks, ATG/AA could be moved from one town to another within ten minutes? I'd say if a command was given, it may actually be three hours before the groups start arriving. Awful lot of stuff gets moved. The UI needs help big time. The ideas here are all good. Simplification, better and easier accessibility to everything. That's what's lacking. It's like a hedge maze of mouse clicks. I'd like to see bigger and better organized drop downs. There's no excuse for having items so close together that they cause errors and people hunching over their screens to pinpoint something on a drop down menu. Spread them out a bit, simplify. Regarding less campable spawn points, the spawnable places need to have some added protection like sand bag walls and stuff for cover. FMSs could be like the old FBs except surrounded by barbed wire and some emplacements/sandbags with the box in the center. Depots and ABs could get some added sand bag walls and barbed wire too. I'm sure there is something already in the structure files that could work well here. It's really a shame that the terrain isn't available beneath the ground at all. A set of tunnels in ABs and depots would be awesome. I mean AWESOME. Dimly lit halls with flickering lights and fights underground.. that'd be something. *cough* submarines. Also, v. 1.36 needs backpacks. Nice and roomy military backpacks. Something like 30 slots.
  8. You've pretty much got the gist of it. In time you will be able to recognize a silhouette at 300, 400, 500, 600M This also helps when making marks on the map.
  9. This is a lame feature of this game. I do it, but hate doing it.,
  10. Steal form your grandmother. She's old and won't notice the money missing.
  11. CRS could run this little baby on pizza crusts alone.
  12. OK, so.... We've gotten through the Steam release. What's the ETA on removing TOEs and adding the new units? The HE audit is ready.
  13. Yes, immediately upon making the mission, type .ord and something like, "this is a defensive FMS for anti tank operations" and the player will go away. IF they don't, or take lead and mess with you, .report them. Talk about griefing!
  14. Schminterschmission. Blecch. If the new players thought the higher tiers were campfests... They're gonna hate intermission. Can't wait for tier 0.
  15. I use one of these: Handles anything my humble i5 will generate without even noticing, really. I don't overclock on this rig, so it's fine. How's your build coming OP?