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  1. I wanna go, too!!! I like the way the 109E1 handles now since the patch, but find ti very difficult to keep up with the higher tier EA. To the OP: This! Though it is very unfortunate that ranking up in this game needs to be looked at and adjusted, bombing bridges over friendly turf once and RTB will get you 10 points each hit. Or, have a friend drive a tank to an AF and go as LW inf. 50 bucks! *cough* @XOOM *cough* We're going to be hearing this a lot more approaching and passing the Steam release, and when people see the way the point system has to be gamed it'll do damage to the brand. Really... stay off the dead 6 of a Spit. You can get really good at intercepting their turn with the E1 and with the right convergence set, you can score pilot kills. Here are some of the VERY best of the training videos: https://www.youtube.com/user/hyoslvrscott/videos
  2. Um, aren't you in DDz? What, the smell of Loonie's nasty black sock and wolfpup's dirty old t-shirt with spaghetti stains is getting to you? I'm kidding. I think there is an opportunity to merge squads here as well, creating a bigger and more formidable force in the field. When I look through TS channels all I see are two to five players in a small handful of channels. During prime time, 91st is usually a crew of around ten, Zulu is maybe 6-8 and DDz 6-8. There are plenty of channels with 2-3 occupants and I really think that there should be at least a "basterd" squad that anyone can participate in when their own aren't on. Ghost squad. That idea isn't supported by the game, as we are only allowed to be in ONE squad ingame. It could be informal as well, with a secret channel on chat and its own TS channel to operate on. Got to get together.
  3. You can do it from the menu screen, go to keymapper on right hand side. Go down to vehicles, and yo can dbl click on any of them and type .conv followed by the meters you want to set it at. For example: You want it set at 250M, type ".conv 250". Conversely, you can reserve a plane, type that in and change it before taking off. I hope this helps.
  4. Hc

    lol like the NKVD shooting fleeing Russian soldiers!
  5. Hc

    HC is responsible for neglecting to check supply in flags and grinding them down to nothing in a non -strategic town so that when it falls back to the NEXT town, we lose that as well. Also, HC is responsible for not setting fall backs and having entire divisions go to "training". Ugh, can this be done yet? HC should be directing action and coordinating efforts from the front. When 1.36 comes in I want to see officers on horseback.
  6. Wow, the yellow paint was adding to the instability of the ailerons!!! WHAT?!?!?!? Must have been too thick or something. I know from my meager experience as a housepainter that yellow paints tend to require more applications to cover; maybe the paint required to cover the ailerons to make them visible was too thick and causing stress? Geez, Hatch... I'm glad to see you are so particular. I know we're all in good hands.
  7. Just because the turn radius is a quarter less than all other planes in the game and people pass out trying to hamfist it doesn't mean it's not the most agile, most capable plane in the air game. For turnfighting it's a beast. The armament is awesome, too. I still like the 109F4 better than most Spit variants, but then... I like being able to maintain a slow dive and intercept more than the ol' herpaderp. What I've found with the F4 is that one CAN herpaderp now, and as long as the target is still acquired, it's deadly. The 190 is still stiff and loses control easily.
  8. Once we were hitting Laon and @matamor capped city all by himself. He persisted in lying there on the floor of the CP telling everyone the status of his capture -at grave risk to himself. He managed to capture it and many dozens more city CPs in the time I've known him. Plus, he selflessly sits in Stuarts near spawns that are capped and gleefully clears the spawn list of ATGs and infantry options.
  9. My condolences to Hastien, the family and with WHIPS. Never easy to lose someone.
  10. Nicely done.
  11. Great post, Matt. All of it looks...
  12. Frogdeth, I like that idea a lot. It also gives air another small job, which is always good. Yeah Malvoc... I am with you on this one. Lots of ideas and talk in this thread that are all trying to undermine reality -the reality of a war sim. You win some, you lose some. Sometimes one side has more players than the other, and they win. How else would they?
  13. The game already "works" as any war sim should -dependent on participation. War requires people to show up and fight. Sometimes countries have enough troops; sometimes not. While nobody likes being outnumbered two, three or four to one, but that's just the way she goes sometimes. I think it's fine with the short spawn delay we have now and the focus should be on implementing 1.36. Until we know how that limited supply will work and impact fighting odds, we shouldn't be trying to change game mechanics to effect some "balance". Unless, of course you mean that you're just exploring ideas prior to and for 1.36 and I missed a detail.
  14. Can I quote this in my signature? Poetry. Pure poetry.
  15. I'm late to the party, but I'll chime in a little. Taking off was the hardest thing i had to learn how to master in this game. I ended up buffering the rudder a little and got an x52Pro. Better control, easier takeoffs. I fly the 109s the most, but find a little rudder helps a lot in most. You just CAN'T use brakes to stay straight on the tarmac or you don't get enough speed.