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  1. LOL ICWATUDIDTHER Seriously though... at least compensate for the lack of docks in the game and let them offload as long as they are touching the bank with part of the ship. The crane is slow, stupid and not very fun to use. Immersive? Maybe... but who cares? Sure, we'll all sit there waiting for a Hurricane or 110 to bomb us to death while we play crane simulator. GHEY. How about the players on the ship hit ESC, get a box that says, "Cancel, Disembark, Despawn" and you check the button for the action you want.
  2. Don't they?
  3. Nope, they're still terrible at holding a target in sights.
  4. Y tho? That's one of the worst ways to get into town. It gives cabby ten kills at a time. Why would you want to do that?
  5. So when your grandmother sends you a bday card with $10 in it do you complain that it's not a $20 bill? Look, man... CRS is doing the best they can. We get it. More AA capacities would be awesome, but a moving platform that a single player can spawn in, drive around and go set up an air defense with is going to be great -regardless if the crew is "protected" or not. I can see slowhand unsubbing. hahahha
  6. He actually asked others in HC for a forum HC title. I'm not joking.
  7. I heard that CRS was gonna implement a TOEs system for the proximity based AOs, where invisible flags were moved by secret HC members to warp supply in for these AOs.
  8. dot commands... the current UI... mouse over madness... the chat box... all need to go bye bye. We could really use a solid and non-complicated GUI.
  9. I'm merely suggesting that area of the battle be mitigated to prevent lopsided 10 defending against 50 scenarios. Not side lock. I do not support side locking. I've seen worse... much worse. I agree with you, of course... the underpop side gets rolled and the OP has the luxury of plowing on through. At least this campaign has lasted longer than a week. I didn't think having the cap timers so high would have accomplished this, and I was wrong. It's a pain in the rear to recap anything, because most mouth-breathers run around and DON'T recapture even the SPAWN depot. You are forced to fight your way in and try to go it alone or with very little help. One would think that the most obvious solution to having EI spring up INSIDE the town you are defending would be to recaptre that depot they now own, but hey... not the first time I've been disappointed by most people who fail to see a very obvious reality. Nope, stand in the window of a depot and use your rifle to pew pew... or spawn a tank and park it on the road so you can camp 500M away from the spawn. Don't ever push up... Oh no. Just sit there and use your pinky finger to spray mg fire from a safe distance. Or... drive right into town during an AO and be hit broadside by a light ATG and die. Good effort. LOL
  10. Please... You're just using poor comms and tactics. Just like when there were 25% more baby Shermans in the Allied brigades. Wait... I mean... just like when the Morrises could glide 3km off road... THAT was all because of your team's poor tactics and terrible comms.
  11. That's right. At least balance areas of the map. There HAS to be a way to do this.
  12. Honestly, the early versions were limited because there were no engines that could run this idea. Now, there are... and if CRS had an influx of say... $2million, they'd be able to redo the whole thing on a great engine. There'd still be bugs, but they wouldn't be trying to root them out in the spaghetti code nightmare we have now. I don't know the answer to this.
  13. It really is that simple. There were so many things that should have been ironed out before a Steam launch; we all said it.
  14. Dude, I couldn't even cap a spawn cp in a soft cap AO with three other paras in Roosendaal. The timers were fine... that's not why maps were getting rolled. The maps get rolled because a handful of GOOD players switch to side A or Side B and that side wins. Cohesion and HC staff that can actually pull off fancy movements is what wrecks morale and causes the other team to not log in. We've got to find a way to balance out the battles without side-locking.