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  1. Oh? Would the word... SOON better fit here? On a lark today, I installed WWIIOL through the Steam library, just to see how the functionality was. It wasn't. Visual C++ runtime error, CTD every time. No .xml file to be found in Downloads, and I wasn't going to mess around and do what the installer is obviously incapable of doing on an "install". The Discord invite links are all expired as well. Bunch of non-functioning stuff, guys. That's what Steam players find to greet them when they see your game and decide to try it out.
  2. -Big Time. The ten players who liked to fly Axis all left. "Big time" is relative; when you lose 10 of 100 players, that's 10%. When you lose 10 of 10,000 players... it's only 0.1%.
  3. Really, if anyone is going that far, a complete rebuild on a newer engine makes even MORE sense.
  4. Maybe I should have said "well-functioning server meshing" to be more clear. This thread went all over the crazy patch. We even saw Jwilly stating that crews getting out of vehicles was "unrealistic". Hilarious. The original crew didn't model getting into and out of vehicles as a shortcut. They didn't have the resources and for a long time, nobody cared. Now... 17 years later, the chit is played out. Being stuck in a vehicle is dumb, and not realistic.
  5. Oh, are you referring to the only players left here?
  6. The workaround is to mesh servers... host a 50 here, 50 there, as they get closer, mesh them so they see each other. Sea of Thieves and Star Citizen do this, and it's really a good solution to reduce server stress and improve the player experience. Way less choppy. Imagine a population based set of servers that grows as it needs to and just sort of poops you around the alternate server universes, but you have no loading, nothing to tell you you've changed servers. Also, SC had a container system that only loads your immediate area as you need it, using your own files to flesh it out as your pov is around. Saves a ton of resources. Things ARE coming, but the game companies that are really pushing the envelope are BIG money games. Record-holders at fund raising. If WWIIOL could ever turn out something in either Unity or UE4, they'd have dumptrucks of money being backed up to their doors. Air, ground and sea... on a current and growing platform. it's gotta happen sooner or later.
  7. It's impossible with a 37MM. Saronin and I tried once. He pushed right up behind me and at 5M shot all he had into both tracks while I just sat there camping and he did no damage to me. Has the ammo been audited since I last played? We did this a couple years ago at least, and happened to be in the same town on opposite sides. He figured out where I was, (pretty easy, I was hull down and mowing infantry down for 15 min by then,) and he set up right there and shot until he was out of ammo. The Matty DM is wrong and needs a change to reflect actual armor values -not whatever the last team shoved in there to get it "ready" for live play ten or so years ago. Sad though, that it's been so bad for so long.
  8. The HE/KE audit was completed a while ago. It wasn't the problem, apparently. The problems are with the damage models, as far as I know. We've been saying this for a decade... "You can unload ALL your cannon rounds into the back of a DB-7 and it takes NO damage?!?"
  9. ...except Star Citizen is still in alpha. It's not optimized yet, and it's still pretty amazing -bugs and all. Only... they aren't asking for a monthly sub. There are other things about their pricing that I can't stand though, like paying to win with ship upgrades. If a player wants to spend an extra $225 and get much better ships with better loadouts. Blecch. Still, it looks great, and even after a cursory going over for graphic card settings and forcing my computer to prioritize it's processing, it's playable and not as choppy.
  10. Player One: "Hey, you have more infantry to spend per flag than I do. What gives?" Player Two: "Your grenadier is better and your LMG can be used more effectively FROM HIP-FIRING. We should get more units." Player One: "That seems subjective... The numbers are off and in a game of alleged 'attrition', it's unfair." Player Two (now even MOAR triggered,): "Tiger!!! Grenadier... LMG RAMBO!!! Six Yearrzzzzor!!!! The moon landing was a hoax!!!" Player One: "Well that's it; I'm out. Have fun playing against an empty side..."
  11. Right, because it's WELL known that the 232 is an awesome bit of gear. Are you high?
  12. Sure, everyone will just have to adjust their gameplay to account for this. You're insane.
  13. When I joined up in 1999, I played with a few guys in SST4: Sonderstrumtruppe Four: Greowulf. It was headed up by a DENTIST... His game name? PAINLESS. I played with BilboTN, MG42Doc, and Stonney. The gme was totally different back then; we coordinated regularly with other squads and managed offensives that raged for days. Truly amazing stuff... seeing a column of tanks 30 strong roling along, being pestered by enemy aircraft... and then being ambushed along the way. News traveled fast then. We got chit done! Of course, when the game went "live", it crashed repeatedly and after a couple of months I was able to get back in and play... but it was still much more fun than trying to move flags around and have CRS micro manage campaigns. There were a LOT of players on back then and in 2005, even MORE showed up to play regularly. When that happened, I was with the 21st, based out of Brouwershaven. Whenever the fight was there, we all went immediately to defend our home-turf! The game is an empty shell now. Sad to see it lingering on life-support, and hardly worth playing now.
  14. Well how about a comment like this from an old vet who played since before the launch? I don't know the answer to, "How can we get more players?!?" but I know this: WWIIOL is missing the MMO in MMOFPS. The air war is imbalanced, the tanking game is mediocre, the infantry play is blocky and a fella can't even so much as step over a log or wall. Nope, got to run around it. It's 2018 and all an infantry player can do is hit Q or E to look left or right. The weapons randomizing even the first shot from a rest is lame, the loopty-loop Havocs and DB7s that shrug off the concept of wing stress, drop a 500lb bomb at 500ft... the lack of an MG42, the rambo-ing of LMGs as people jog and clear a room... What more needs to be mentioned? The graphics?!? That everything done to or introduced into this game has been half-arsed since it's launch in 2000? Sheesh. Now please... here's the CEO calling out an OP for commenting from an account that's only been active for a few hours. The shameful part is that it takes a new player less than ten minutes to get fed up and decide they AREN'T going to pay a sub for this game. hahaha How very rich. also... sad.
  15. It was already settled almost a year ago. HC is supposed to be out... but it's not.