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  1. Awesome, thanks!
  2. It works OK, but without voice activation allowed it's a no-go for most of my squad.
  3. There are a LOT more engine possibilities now than there were in 1999.
  4. ...because if CRS can spend the $500 a year on more important software to improve the game and keep things going until we can hit a Steam release and much wider audience, it's not reinventing anything. It's just good sense to not shell out for something that can be free.
  5. I've successfully gotten Discord to work, but I can't find DDz voice channels in either Axis or Allied. Did they not get added?
  6. OK, break given. I was wrong, because my OS was in rough shape and unbeknownst to me, Windows updater had quit MONTHS ago. Who knows why, but it stopped looking for and applying updates and it ended up with a bunch of registry key corruptions. Discord is working now.
  7. RIP
  8. Heavy265 is temporarily on leave, much deserved and no worries. The support forums will do otherwise inside of the channels as well. Is there a specific inquiry we can help with? JUSTIFICATIONS FOR MOVE TO DISCORD Discord is 100% FREE. Discord has no space limitations, our TS servers had maximum "slot" counts. Discord will help us keep players connected regardless of the other games you might play. Discord is much easier to use and we have a whole support database supporting us. Discord is multiplatform (PC / Mac / iOS / Android / Linux) and even Browser (though limited in functionality). Discord has web hook integrations, which will allow us to expand live campaign notifications to all platforms. With Discord, high command can let you know when a major campaign event is taking place. With Discord, CRS can keep you in the loop with development updates more rapidly. Discord allows integrations like Twitch / Youtube and other services. Players can easily Stream / promote game. Screen share and video is coming, allowing you to share your activity with your squad and other players. There is a very simple text interface that connects the whole server together, no more isolation. Active development and expansion into future technologies is underway. There is an integrated voice solution which we are investigating, potential tie in for in/out of game comms (NO PROMISES ON THIS!!!). "Playing other game" icon will allow us to gather new players via exposing our brand to other communities. Discord has five pages worth of complaints about it not installing or updating and it sucks ballzors.
  9. I'm having some major issues just installing it. I've started a support ticket and they responded rather quickly with the same info I had gotten from the main site. I did them again, and tried the link they provided to install, (a different one than is one the main page,) and nothing. Tried running the installer as admin, in Win 7 and 8 compatibility and nothing. I'm not convinced it's such a great product.
  10. Edit: fixed
  11. I got it to work, and found I had some corrupt Windows files. I have reinstalled windows and am back on track. XOOM even worked with me one-on-one to try and get it to work, and that helped to figure out the problem. Apologies for assuming my OS was intact and fully functional; with Windows I should know better.
  12. I installed Discord a few weeks ago because a squaddie said we should all try it out. I used it the one time, and went to start it up to find WWIIOL's channels... and it won't load. It just crashes. I'll have to uninstall/reinstall. I do NOT like the PTT locked on function. I hate PTT. I can understand why you'd want to do that, but all anyone has to do is mute a player whose mic is open, or a mod can boot them. FREE VOICE ACTIVATION!
  13. Or... this: not bad for $845
  14. Or... If I want somethign that has minimum VR capabilities, I could go with the Radeon 480