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  1. Got to look at the bigger picture here. You're right, of course, but how did we get here? That's important.
  2. That 20 people who left when it was determined that TOEs needed to be removed hardly stack up against the hundreds who left after TOES were installed. Your point is once again moot.
  3. Well, I'll keep you posted for dates, and I'll buy you a pint if it works out. Cheers!
  4. Thanks for stopping in, XOOM. I understand that the plate is overflowing, and you are all working hard to do what you feel needs to be done. I'm still worried, because the mechanics that negatively affect the game are still here; still causing us all headaches. I'm content to wait until after the Steam release, and will keep on paying for as long as I can. I HATE TOEs. I don't like what it's done to the game, and even more so what it does to us all when populations are at historic lows. I'll bide my time.
  5. I haven't heard a word about TOEs from them lately; even after campaign 139. In fact, the silence is deafening.
  6. I don't recall anyone saying that once the TOEs system is gone, all of a sudden people would start driving FMSs in and help when they're asked to. You and Lob12 are tossing oranges in with apples here and saying, "Well, it's FRUIT.". Really, though... speaking of players not contributing but who argue on the forums for this or that, how ya doing, Lob12? I keed... I keed. There really does need to be incentive for running an FMS in for an AO, like joining a flag's roster and getting X number of points, (and being told you're getting them as it happens,) for getting a mission up to target within a certain amount of time after the AO is placed. Like, prime points for getting an FMS up before tables get hot. In the first ten minutes of the tables being hot, X number and so on. A system-generated award system would be a boon to this, even if a little schmucky. The mission sets can be assigned importance by HC. Points based on that, and obvious to the player. Like in H&G when you achieve stuff. It's dumb, but makes things fun. I'd love to have a pop-up tell me that I got an award for accepting a vital mission and successfully setting up on an AO.
  7. Ah, well... Who the FACK would want to play as HC right now? Six months from now? EVER? I only speak for myself, but I'll never play that game in the current state again. It's not so bad when you have a few other officers on, but when it's you and a player who is AFK, guess what? You have to sit there and move flags around, or at LEAST check fallbacks, which requires dealing with the crummy-[censored] drop down menus that your mouse easily shoots past what you wanted and selects something else, or just makes the boxes go away entirely. It's awful, and I hate it. I don't like using the drop down menus WITHOUT being in HC. They're bad enough. Right click, slide over, ugh, this is FACKED. Right click again... It's like that game "Irritating Stick":
  8. Oh, look who showed up to stir the pot. I was invited, and all after a month, I was LW CO. People were leaving. What can I say? Do I get to fly whatever plane I like? Yes. Do I enjoy that? HELLS YES. Am I any good? Meh... not really. ha!
  9. I don't know what your logic is here, Capco. We've all told you that for most of us, being in HC meant moving supply around and when a person is MOIC, it's a full time thing with only enough time to go guard a CP or FB. We're counting on each player in this case having ONE account only. Taking the flag move game away will easily free up time for HC officers to be MORE on the ground and leading by running FMSs in, etc. Please don't tell me you think driving an FMS in is no big deal, because while it's "Drive toward town and place MSP", it's also, "Drive toward town, get killed. Go around the other way. Get killed. Why wasn't that ET marked? I'll mark it. Drive toward town get around the other side by driving an additional ten minutes out of your way and start placing the FMS. Get killed. " It takes more than half of a person's attention to help set up an AO, even early on. I just don't see how you're trying to justify any of this. I just don't see the logic to it. It's OK to just say, "Guys, you're all right for different reasons and I differ on maybe one or two points.". No need to hammer that one point you differ on at every opportunity. This isn't going to change any time soon. Sadly, CRS remains silent, but I bet they're watching and at least thinking about what to do. They've been good so far, and I hope they see the folly releasing this "as is" to steam would be. Sometimes when you're taking risks, you have to take MORE risks in order to keep things copacetic and not have the whole thing blow up in your face. Sometimes deadlines need to be flexible if the product you're selling is suffering now. can't just take a dump on Steam's chest, can we?
  10. I expect you'll join the HC of whatever side needs it's roster filled out -for the sake of the game. Better not be AHC... they're more plentiful these days than GHC. It'd be nice to have people on for both sides' HC when Steam releases. I'm not doing it. I did it twice, and promised myself I wouldn't until after TOEs goes away and the job gets less tedious.
  11. TOEs, TOEs... got it. So you say the old town-based system favored the Axis. I agree. Speaking of throwing the baby out with the bathwater... How did removing town supply in favor of this POS fare so far? They threw out the baby with the bathwater. Not even one rifle to spawn when a town is being softcapped. It looks as though we all agree that TOEs was implemented to fix an imbalance, and then proceeded to make players leave en masse. We also agree that it's killing the game right now. I'm sure most on this thread, if not all, agree that removing the current TOEs system should have taken priority over a Steam release. I want so very much to see town based supply, (maybe even small amounts of movable stuff along the front-line -but hidden from the enemy,) and I want to see side imbalances evened out. Even if it helps a *little* bit, putting FTP on the underpop when they log in would be worth it.
  12. One doesn't need a bunch of AHC experience to see that ToES sucks a bag of muddy cacks.
  13. Hookers and blow ...and Rapid Assault. ...and some other game built on the same platform which was set in North Africa and never made it to a go-live.
  14. @Capco Dude... this is what most people deal with when playing as HC. I don't know how many accounts you ran at the time you were HC, but if the answer is "more than one, of course!" then you're WRONG. Not even a hybrid system would help if it entails HC players paying for multiple accounts, or even having a FTP account for guarding. Selling the current sytem is like selling a car, only the car only runs on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. If you want to drive a car on the off days, you have to buy another car. That's not a fair way to treat your volunteers who manage the game's supply for you... for FREE, then burn out because it's a fugging joke. Just admit ToES has to go, and stop trying to defend it. You haven't even played since April 21st, yet here you are repeating yourself over and over again about how ToES is somehow defensible and somehow added to the game.
  15. See? Even the FTP guy gets it. I'd love it if guys like David01 felt GOOD about paying to play this game again. He describes the utter pointlessness of neglecting the tactical aspects of a FPS rather succinctly. Look what it's done. It's time to drop it, and not kick it down the road some more. I resubbed for the HE audit, which a month ago was reported as being mostly ready and waiting for implementation. Still waiting. I was also excited about 1.36, and found out after resubbing that it wasn't the next step. I supported the change in timers, as a stop gap measure and as a test to see if it would help, but all it did was place an even bigger burden on HC. I really hope CRS is watching this thread and can pull their heads out of their collective a$$es to prioritize making the game playable again before going to a Steam release-clusterfack. I'd much rather see Steam wait until September and help work out the bugs of 1.36 by playing and reporting issues over this summer. Then again, I may get tired of paying a monthly on this and get more into fishing instead.