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  1. It was already settled almost a year ago. HC is supposed to be out... but it's not.
  2. There is no use in defending the HC system. A game that requires a significant portion of it's playerbase to stop playing the actual game and go babysit supply, attack objectives and motivate the players on a 24/7 basis is doomed for failure. People pay to play a game and most don't come to a FPS to sit and play online Risk. So... once again I see people acting as if the premise of this is valuable to the game and utterly ignoring the reality at hand. It's been a LONG time since 1.36 was promised, yet here the game is... still sloughing off players over this.
  3. It's still going off, because there are no rocket trucks, no P51s, no Russian anything, no King Tigers, no good looking buildings like those... Shall I go on? If they used their own models, then this is a misleading video. The version one gets when they pay money is NOT going to look like that. They are at least two years away from that sort of change. Got to get over the "Mac User Exodus" first.
  4. Maybe so, maybe not, but they're not in the actual working version of the game, and that makes it vaporware. They've been selling vaporware here for many years.
  5. I don't think those were meant to be teasers, and I suspect they are just stock models in some shoot your own video background software. Nice poly count, smooth edges, and then you see the actual game being played in the mini screen and it's night and day. I certainly hope those tank and plane graphics weren't put there to suggest this game has them or will have them.
  6. I stop in here and see that even the topic of the god-awful air war in this game is defended by the volunteer army, and they are just as insulting as usual. There is no excuse for the terrible imbalances between air superiority and the CS&R back this up. Thegame play backs this up. The 17 years of players complaining and leaving backs this up. Yet, here they come... desperately picking at threads to try and spin the topic away from the game's imbalances. No excuse would suffice here. These guys are the face of the new CRS?!? We lost a DOC, and gained ten more new DOCs
  7. Dude... that's an MG42. No MG34 ever had the squared barrel guard. It's a 42.
  8. WTH is that MG on the top?!? What is that thing?!? The most iconic machine gun ever invented is suspiciously absent from a game that prides itself on being an accurate sim of the Battle of France, sort of. No MG42 in 17 yearzz of operation. Failure.
  9. I may hop in, but then I may not. Still waiting for the HE/KE audits to be done and fixes implemented. I think the 64bit Mac business will probably take precedence so I'm not very hopeful. It's just not fun for me now. I can play "elsewhere" on games and know that tossing a grenade over the wall WILL hurt mein enemies... or mortar that looks and sounds awesome isn't just a show -it KILLS. I know, they're trying, and I applaud that, just not gonna pay a sub for a broken HE model anymore. Can't bring myself to do that.
  10. Man, you really are late to the party. The core group of veteran players has dwindled down to record lows yet again. They drive the content; you're spot on. They've also mostly moved on save a few relics that can afford to still be here trying. "He's dead, Jim."
  11. None of these new maps or ideas will be possible using the current engine or code. Sure, post pretty maps all you like, but this turd just CANNOT be polished any more. Gerv... squad play was gutted leading up to RA, and it was the straw that broke the camel's back. Oh, and some at CRS got caught making an African campaign map on the sly, which caused a lot of tension, too. @saronin remember that? Ha! Same guns, same infantry models... all being secretly stuffed into a new game. Some of those responsible for it are still here. Whatevs. The game as we know it cannot survive, not even for a one time fee. After paying in for an extra year once the 09 fix came, I can no longer see this platform working. Time to partner up with developers that have access to newer 64bit code, or compete directly with them and lose.
  12. None of this is possuble without a new engine. Time to move on.
  13. Wrong. It's this changing target dynamic that actually makes most victories possible. It's what made squad play so much fun before the crusty HC laters were flopped on top of the game. If you're an HC person that utilizes quick switches for valuable targets and keeps the enemy on his heels, stand proud in that you know better than to keep thinking inside the HC toolbox that kills the fun in this game. You're working with the tools you were given, and it's the best anyone can expect in the current build where magic supply warps in to kill any offensives lasting more than an hour. Again, don't sit here and blame the players for making the system work for them... look at the bad design, crummy UI and TOEs system without rose-colored glasses for once and understand that if the system rewards defenders who are slow to react, and lets them warp flags in while being attacked... the other side is going to search for, find and benefit from the Achilles heel here. It's a bad system, and needlessly compounded by TOEs and an HC structure everyone depends on for fun. Can't blame the players here at all.
  14. ...and don't listen to Merlin. Every time a glaringly obvious gameplay or issue with a unit comes up, he says it's the players. Example: the FMS PPO is unprotected on the spawn side. All anyone has to do is push an ATG up to it, park it at the door and the ei spawning in die instantly without seeing who "killed" them. The peanut gallery here all say, "well, you should be banned if you do this..." but we've been clamoring for better FMS design and more PPOs that can help mitigate the bad design, or an outright REdesign, and nothing happens. No, we get a "parking etiquette" thread where the bad design is dismissed and nothing changes. It's not the easy accesibility of the FMS; oh no... it's the players who exploit the easiest of exploits designed into the FMS. Sure... So when Spit pilots leaking coolant for an hour during a sortie keep on flying like they're in an F16, they should RTB and not exploit the bad design? I know of at least ten pilots who exploit this one regularly but don't seem to mind working the exploit in their favor... Or the M10 sights. They were WRONG for ten years. Then they were changed to the RIGHT scope, but some people complained about resolution, (Super Mario Bros.,) and CRS changed it back to the S76 sight, though they constantly talk of accuracy in the units' representation and all. Not gonna work.
  15. Hahaha How will the six Axis players in Discord divide up so as not to overwhelm the Allied advance in an unfair way?!? I guess as long as they don't send three over during TZ3 it'll be ok.