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  1. S! count me in for Axis para LMG! Shamus 505th Hvy Pnz
  2. S! all I recently bought a new laptop.The free 30 day sub Mc Afee is about to expire .I was looking for a AV that has the least impact/footprint on WWIIol performance.Any suggestions or links for info would be greatly appreciated . In the past I use Nortons because I believe NAV gave better protection,but this PC will be use mostly for WWIIol .TY in advance for any help any 1 can give. Shamus1
  3. French World War I vet dies at 109 1 hour, 41 minutes ago PARIS - Leon Weil, one of France's last surviving veterans of World War I who was also a member of the Resistance in World War II, earning decorations for both conflicts, has died. He was 109. Weil, who fought on the Western Front in World War I participating in bayonet charges, died Tuesday at the Val-de-Grace military hospital in Paris, the national veterans office said Wednesday. His death leaves France with just six officially recognized surviving veterans of the Great War. Weil was mobilized in August 1916 at age 20 and sent to the Western Front. "He who says that he was not afraid during the war is a liar," Weil said in an interview published last November by the veterans' office in which he recounted bayonet charges under fire. "The Germans were like us, poor guys getting beaten up for nothing," he said. In World War II, Weil was a member of an intelligence network for the Resistance against the **** occupation of France, the veterans' office said. He went under the code name "Victor." He was decorated as a combatant in both wars and was awarded France's highest award, the Legion of Honor. After 1945, he built a career in sales of women's fashion. Weil, born July 16, 1896, was a former boxer and avid swimmer, who swam until age 102 S! to France for losing a IMHO a living national treasure.T's a sad day for us all. "A Irish blessing" May the road rise to meet you may the wind be always at your back, may the sunshine warm your face, the rain fall soft upon your fields, and until we meet again,may God hold you in the palm of his hands Shamus " I am of Ireland" R. H . Brown, Irish patriot
  4. S! all I beg and plead in a polite manner MODS/ CRS Can we PLEASE have a Sticky for this tread.This should not have to be bumped constantly for such a worthy tread as this. Shamus1 Hardcore DAY1 Axis lone wolf "you can leave Ireland,but Ireland will never leave you"
  5. S! Right now I'm running 1 Stick of 512 MEGS RAM on WIN 98 but my PC will not see the other stick of RAM:[.....wil up grading to Win XP resolve this problem? TY in adavance Shamus