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  1. And due to some mechanism or whatever you can make the belt act like a treadmill and have it go the same speed as the forward velocity of the airplane (in an attempt to "cancel out" the velocity) ... Would you get any exercise?
  2. I was a closed beta tester hence my April 2001 join date. Closed Beta predated that but I recall that the credentials system, or whatever it is called, went active in April so everyone who had existing accounts had to recreate them, or try. I remember before April 2001 player names had no limit, or a higher one because I, like some others, had to change my name to keep inside the 7 character limit. I had found out about the game from a friend who had been a warbirds player. I joined CB back in December 2000 or January 2001, when I had gotten the NDA from Doc (who was much more of a behind the scenes person then, some other rats were the front men). I lost the NDA long ago but I know we're well outside the 5 year period on it. I also remember the feud, or really more of a running joke, on the old orange forums of trying to get an NDA. I recall in the closed beta there were only a handful of towns at first. If you've ever wondered why that Dinant/Anhee/Spontin area is so crowded together compared to the rest of the map, that's why. That was the first area made and everything spread from there. I remember early on the only modeled truck was the opel and all sides used it. And because of a fluke in the coding in how it was shared by both sides anyone could ride them. So it wasn't unusual to find German opel driving in circles asking for help because a British soldier was riding in the back. I still remember my first firefight ever. I was riding in an opel and we took a shot from one of those roadside ditches. I jumped out and me and the other guy did that bolt action waltz... I lost. I also remember them doing stress tests on the server and being so thrilled that they got 30+ people on at once and nothing went wrong. Oh, and capping. Now we have the CP timers, before that we had the table humping, before that (launch onwards) you had to shoot the radio. Well before launch someone there had a very goofy sense of humor because they weren't radios in closed beta. They were what was known as the HMH, or the Happy Monkey Head. It was a fairly accurate description. It was a sort of cartoonish head of a smiling monkey you had to shoot to cap a CP. On a less happy note I also remember that was the time the HQ, which was the man fansite people followed for pre-launch stuff, was brought under CRS to act as a sort of public outreach after launch but a bunch of the people involved with HQ felt they were being taken advantage of and treated like unpaid employees. They had been some of the biggest supporters and most active people in the community but some of them didn't even make it to launch because of the taste that left in their mouths. HQ languished mostly unused for quite a few years, I think until the relaunch as BGE when it was nixed. Which also reminds me that techpubs (I think it was called?) had been started by players before launch and was a very detailed site on all sorts of arms and equipment from WWII and for quite a few years was the best site online for technical info from WWII. And for what it's worth the first computer I played it on was a 500mhz Compaq Presario with 192MB (128+64) on RAM and no video card, just the onboard chipset.
  3. Someone stole the engine out of my car.
  4. There's a number of commands you can use in game through the chat bar. They are usually known as dot commands because of the period in front of most of them. Some of the basic ones that are good to know: .m playername This command lets you send a private message to any player on your side. For example, .m stu hello would send a message only I can see that says hello. .r This is the command to reply to whoever sent you your last private message. When you use this you don't have to use their name. For example, .r hello would send a message saying hello to whoever last sent you a private message. .own If you click on a forward base or bridge on your map (the text for it should turn green) and type .own it should show you how much damage that facility has taken. For example, if I click on the Weert-Roermond Forward Base and then type .own into my chat bar, it will tell me state of the FB. $here This command is used to include ownership of a capture point in a message. For example, if you go into a control point and type on the target channel Killed ei $here resetting it will read like killed ei Hasselt City (37%) resetting to everyone on target channel. $miss This command works like the above where you can slip it into a message. This one will include your mission so others can find it. For example, if you use the target channel and type Join $miss to attack North CP it should appear like Join 2nd infantry division/4th infantry brigade/stu to attack North CP .report This tool lets you send a message to the game managers. This is not a command to use frivolously. But it can be used if you suspect someone is cheating, there is some sort of bug in game, etc. It's often best to verify with another player before making the report. If you think there's an invisible player (a rare bug that does sometimes turn up) capturing a control point thoroughly check the building and then ask another player to check it too. It's possible the error could be on your side. If you use it it should look like this for example, .report unable to capture Namur-Andenne CP. This will send a message to the Game Managers that there might be a bug in the Namur-Andenne CP that's not allowing it to be captured. Do not expect replies to these messages. There are a number of other commands that can be used in chat but these basic ones you will find will come in very handy. Don't be afraid to use the .m command to contact people in game. It's one of the most useful tools for asking questions or letting a teammate know about something happening in the battle.
  5. USS Maryland please.
  6. 50/50 chance I can manage to make it. Stick me in a ship by myself. That way if I can't make it no one else is put out.
  7. Welcome. After you've had a chance to play on the American server a while let us know how it is compared to the Chinese server.
  8. I'm afraid I'll be out of it this year unless I can scrounge a computer that can play the current version. This event's been a blast each of the previous years. It had kind of become a tradition for me to sink in the first wave with Motormouth.
  9. Maybe for next year the rats could model a simple Pearl Harbor on the training server near area 51 Nothing fancy, dosen't need buildings or anything, just an approximate shoreline. EDIT: just got around to watching all 4 videos, I love the external view. From your perspective I can see there were many more stukas than I thought. I now also got to see me clipping cjsport's wing off from a different angle too!
  10. Oh boy, Pearl Harbor set to Lady Gaga and broadway musicals.....
  11. It's surprisingly hard to write an AAR that short, in fact it still ran a little long.
  12. It was actually funny, because when the stuka's finally dove all of the ships on the opposite side of the harbor disappeared (max viewable limit) so all I could think was "uh oh"
  13. Yeah go for it. Here's a few scattered clips I got. There's no audio. sgF4k24f4Pk
  14. I got a bunch of clips with fraps, but it wasn't playing nice. It was very choppy even though the game ran fine. I've compiled the working clips but it's 520mb's and I'm having trouble converting it to something download friendly. Once everyone else's footage is up I'll take it all and put together a short video of the event.
  15. I really enjoyed it. Even with a larger number of stukas the impact wasn't quiet the same, probably since they were more spread in their attacks this year compared to last year's single formation run. I saw the large numbers circling before the attack but once the bombing started I never saw more than 3 or 4 red circles at any one time. A fair bit of confusion on the naval side too, with people spawning FMB's when they should have been in DD's or Transports, but luckily no multi-crew disaster this year. All in all though, it was worth it. Kudos to the rats, the event team, the pilots, and the sailors.