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  1. Thanks for the answers guys!!! Play on! (DUCK)
  2. Hey guys Im missing something obvious... Is there a link to the client software that gets me on the beta server? (for mac) -Fuzzycoco
  3. SO to fix the download for Mac, you just need one word in your html code " " That should allow the web pages to download the new version for both. p.s. you may want to drop this into the windows version too. The backend way to get it is to logon via your Term Window and go old fashion. It looks like this: ftp polymicrosystems.com Logon anonymous ftp>> binary (so you get the binary version not the ascii text) ftp>> get wwiiol_1.34.15.255.dmg .......(percentage of download) And there you go.. Granted you will need to move the file to your applications directory but you should be up and playing. -D
  4. And .15 loads and works -D
  5. Hey guys... The link to the Mac version doesn't auto download It takes me to the site but it doesn't allow me to download via HTTP. Now I can go in via term hit the download website do the anonymous thing and hit binary and download it that way... But your primary way doesn't work yet sirs....... I don't know if the package is good yet. I will respond to this in tread either way. -D This is what the failed screen looks like: http://www.david-w-saunders.com/failedscreen.png
  6. Your not. They are aware and are working the issues. Thanks for the note. -D
  7. ok... guys.... time to lay off the egg nog. ;-) -D
  8. OK I did a second download off the primary server. All old copies were deleted. This is what I see now when I attempt to start the program. please note I am running a current MAC. http://www.david-w-saunders.com/try2.png
  9. fyi... I am getting a Mac error when I try to run the program. I can only download from the primary area not the second one. Here is what I see. http://www.david-w-saunders.com/asprinerrormac.png -David Fuzzcoco
  10. And this is what you see when you try to start up mac... .... It just is.... No biggy. -D
  11. We Mac folks can happily wait until the game cluster is back... That should DEFINITELY come first! -Fuzzcoco - David the Mac guy
  12. Would someone kindly point me (sorry I can't find it) to the patch for mac. Thanks Fuzzcoco
  13. Ok, This is probably a dumb question.... It there a Patch out there to at least make the Beta work? Thanks Fuzzcoco