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  1. Ah My bad. Allies.
  2. Camp 136 shows shorter run time unless data in Win History is incorrect. Thanks for the quick reset.
  3. hmmmm. I never was around before brigades came in, perhaps my logic is flawed here lol. I just thought momentum and map movement will be much stronger with harder to kill FB's and FRU's. The new balance mechanics discussed recently may help that out though. Also I do die. Just had a good streak lately.
  4. Apologies if I missed previous posts for this. I like the idea of the FMS and I like the stronger FB's. It takes a lot of effort to setup and co-ordinate and I believe the new FMS and stronger FB's are a step in the right direction. I also believe with stronger FB's and the new FMS coming in the campaigns for the most part will be much shorter on average. This creates: 1: Never seeing later tier equipment during quicker campaigns 2: These hand fed moments when a tier gets plopped in when the map is rolling Can we just shorten equipment tier timers to a couple or few days a piece during a campaign? That way you get an even equipment progression and a much higher chance to play with the last tier toys before the fighting's done? Thoughts? Criticism?
  5. Very cool work! S!
  6. I use the X52 throttle and Cyborg Fly 5 stick and Saitek peds. Recently the X52 stopped detecting in the game. It maps and tests in Windows and other games. I have tried the trick of Control Panel\All Control Panel Items\Devices and Printers\Game controller settings\advanced and making the controller preferred for older programs. Doing this only leaves the last controller set as preferred functional in the game. Even if I make both preferred and then the original preferred a last time as in other posts here. Any one experience this? Any advice on a possible fix would be very appreciated. Thanks.
  7. Hello, Created a ticket almost a month ago and have had zero feedback. I have heard from other players as well that they have tickets left open for ages. Is the customer service support system non existant anymore for WW2Ol? Has it changed to something else? I have only recently resubbed after a long time off so I was just wondering if I missed something? Thanks.
  8. *****Delete Thread found out Problem not on my P.C.'s End Thank You******
  9. Enjoy it! Very wonderful thing sppeecciiaallllyyy with 6 D.O.F.
  10. Worked like a charm Lazy you did it again you crazy S.O.B. thank you very much S.
  11. I am not sure what kind of issue this is but I have just hooked my P.C. up to a 42" L.G. Plasma Flatscreen with DVI cables. I notice everything works fine with my p.c.(internet, vlc movies and such) exept WW2. When I go to start WW2 Ol it opens the exe file in my process list and then nothing else I can reclick on the WW2 icon all day with the same result. Any idea what kind of issue this could be? I have no freakin clue I currently have a 23" monitor that works perfectly with WW2 so I dont know where to begin please lend any knowlegde thank you. Use a 1.7gh Athlon 64 Proc with 2 G of Ram and a 8600GT Video Card 350 W P/S.
  12. Well I think my pea size brain solved the case! I opened my tower and removed my vid card to see the fan and area caked with crap about three years worth to be exact . After I cleaned out that junk I replaced it only to find out that the fan is also dead I think I deserve the lemming award from Goldeneye for that one thanks for all the responses guys S. FYI my idle temp was 99 C and my in game temp was 130 C does anyone know what normal temps should be for Nvidia cards??
  13. It is Nvidia 6600GT. I believe you refered to it as ancient in a past post lol I fully agree with you but money is tight right now. I have always cleaned out my pc bi-anually so maybe I should check the fan. Besides changing out the vid card for a new one (that I dont have) is there a free program I can download to monitor the temp?
  14. I recently posted about connection problems where my ping would be 70-80 with the usual packet loss and yet I would be getting 10 second period intervals or so where my frames would drop to 10 or even lower. After the short period I jump back up to better rates, jumpy but better. Lately this is getting worse where the low rate intervals are even more fluent in my playing and then yesterday while flying and checking my map the screen went "blotchy" where my HUD smeared all over the place while some HUD windows dissapeared on me for a few seconds then returned. Could this be my video card giving up the ghost on me? It is an old card for sure just wanted some outside opinion thank you.
  15. When you got your 8800 did your FPS up significantly? As far as eye candy is concerned I can go without it. I am saving up for a brand new rig next year and dont want to spend anything till it is time, but if a new vid card can bring me back up to speed I might be willing to blow the dust off my wallet and grab a desperately needed upgrade.