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  1. whats wtrong with SD? with no way to slow down the OP side it becomes rediculous when underpop
  2. Great send off for a great friend and squaddie. Rip sal
  3. 24 hours on from hearing this tragic news im still devastated,what a guy sal was,funny,grumpy,hard headed single minded,but he loved this game,and was a true and loyal friend and squaddie.our last conversation a week or so ago had me scrambling for pen and paper to write down his recipe for french toast.ill make a few rounds this saturday in his memory. RIP friend. im missing you already.
  4. having the same problem,trying to upgrade to hero but cant access account managment page
  5. great post,many thanks for it. lest we forget
  6. server up
  7. this is getting daft now,reset the damn thing
  8. yes it is but only sometimes, i closed teamspeak,still got the error on the first 2 logins,then i played for a hour uninterupted,so im thinking it isnt teamspeak.we could do with a difinitive answer really.
  9. actually no,when i go to teamspeak/settings/plugins,i dont have the option to uncheck overlay ,the onlyboxes i have to uncheck areclient query and teamspeak 3 control plugin.other boxes already unchecked are,lua plugin,test plugin and g15 keyboard lcd display.can anyone help please
  10. wish id read this before i started a full uninstall/reinstall lol
  11. personally cant wait for 1.35.yes the lag and offset and all the other bugs drives me crazy just like it does to many others,but,i wouldn't desub because of it.and if 1.35 is all they proclaim it is then ill sub up to hero.
  12. thynx surfer done tht everything fine again.
  13. tried logging in today 3.45pm (gmt) when i tried starting the game it wanted to upgrade half way through upgrade i got message C:\PROGRA~1\CRS\BATTLE~1\\playarcW2g is not a valid previous version and could not be upgraded. iv been a member for about 6 months and not had a plm b4 got a vaslid activation key.any ideas? alsotried manual upgrade ,got same plm