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  1. I too have problems with low fps. Disabling OpenGL threading helped somewhat, but in pakced fights with lots of people and big city, my fps plummets to about average of 15-20. On countryside with less people my fps are 60-80. Is the game rendering more things in fights than we can actually see? Since even in the tough fights, I don't see much behind the trees and bushes and still my fps is quite lowish considering my rig. Dual Core AMD 4800+ 2GB RAM Club3D 8800 GTS Asus A8N-SLI Deluxe I've tried different Forceware drivers, but they don't differ at all in performance. Also setting CPU affinity to only 1 cpu does not affect fps. Currently using Forceware Beta drivers 162.18 Game setting are set to max, but no AA or AF is turned on. 1280x1024 resolution.
  2. Aye, downgrading to 84.21 solved the problem, thanks.
  3. I have a big probm with the game. I upgraded my system from AMD 3200+ single core system with 1 GB of memory to AMD core 4800+ system with 2GB of memory and my fps dropped from around 40 to 5-6. When despawning, I can get around 10-14 fps, but no more. That is less than I had at worst with my previous system. I tried to upgrade cpu drivers according to this thread by Bloo (url. The Nvidia driver trick (disable opengl3 threading) does not do a things and if I upgrade cpu drivers as per shedow's advice, my comp will crash as soon as I log into windows (use previously working setuop repaired this, but fps in game were still 4-6). I'm at loss what to do next in order to get a lot better fps. My comp specs are as follows: a8n-sli deluxe mother board 2 GB of memory Club 3D 6600GT graphics card 93.71 nvidia drivers.
  4. Pretty much any other days than fridays/saturdays, thursdays perhaps?