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  1. Along with HE improvement, I would like to see better animations for explosions, the bombs are great and look awesome there is even some particle effects there. The HE explosions seems a little bland in comparison. The white puff has room for improvement.
  2. This game is more processor dependent then anything else get a 4690k i5 they are 200 dollars but you can easily overclock it to 4.5GHz its definatly worth it! try to get a gtx 950 or 960 if you can afford it. But yea the processor is where you are going to see your best performance gains.
  3. Wow what a awesome community:)
  4. The game is already greenlit we are good to go there!
  5. at maximum load under stress testing, in game I get around 55 C for the i5 4690k the temps are all as follows: 80C Hot 70C Warm (Heavy Load) 60C Norm 50C Norm (Medium Load) 40C Norm 30C Cool (Idle) So well within normal operating temps. This is with the stock cooler mind you. I am purchasing an evo 212 cooler and then im going to crank the clock to 4.6 Ghz at 1.200v. MORE POWER MOOOREE!!!!
  6. Same thing happened with me Support helped me!
  7. Took my 3.5ghz i5 and overclocked it too 4.0ghz it was easy in the motherboard bios I adjust the core clock to 40 multiplier and tested now getting 84fps in battle. Using the stock fan never seeing anything above 74 C. It is a win win its the ghz the chip is running at that counts most for this game.
  8. What is the native resolution on the monitor you are displaying on?
  9. I thought about this too and I think ill let the lemmings go first and test the water. After much effort everything is working perfectly and I don't want to risk anything breaking.
  10. bumpzors bump bump