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  1. Ok my mouse cursor started acting weird basicly it mooves up and to the right by itself even when there is no mouse plugged any idea :? Runing windows 7 ultimate 32bit
  2. Ok i tried to logg into the game today for several hours playnet thingy simply gives unable to connect to authehnication server i went to the download page and tried the links howver i only manage to connect to the ftp there is a playnet logon version 1.19 and multiple 1.30 files what exactly do i need to do ? I did triy to reinstall playnet but the problem presist i cant login ! Suport page dosent function either : Internal Server Error The server encountered an internal error or misconfiguration and was unable to complete your request. Please contact the server administrator, and inform them of the time the error occurred, and anything you might have done that may have caused the error. More information about this error may be available in the server error log.
  3. Its not the internet its server related CRS paying lower amount of $ it seem for bandwith !
  4. Buying a video card would be nice idea it seems to me you are using onboard card wich eats from your ram!
  5. Radeon HD2650 best bang for 50$ got 100 buy HD3650
  6. Nope sorry it dosent benefit even from dualcore
  7. Ok im european player and my ping is normaly around 180 on primary and around 190-200 on secondary network however in the past week during axis prime times the ping jumps to 270-300 on primary and around 250 on secondary network was wondering whats going on since the ping comes back to normall when allied prime time starts around 1 am GMt+2 last night for example ping was like 300 on secondary and around 400 on primary network needles to say it takes the joy out of the game im running on ADSL 12mbit connection !
  8. This one dosent fit the 4850 im affraid !
  9. I found why the ati crash with ww2online simple as that the card overheats .The thing is that the curent catalyst drivers have the fan speed set to very low and even lower under windows VISTa here is what you need to do : You're gonna love this and I'd love to take credit for it, but someone named Bretware came up with it on Anyway, I'll cut to the chase. All you need to do is change just two values in the XML which is attached to an ATI Profile you created. I tried this and it worked perfectly, other than the noise generated by 65% fan speed as suggested. I'll experiment later. But it works and easy as anything. I edited his instructions just a hair though. See below .... First Enable Overdrive in the Catalyst Control Center. Next Create a new Profile using the Profiles Manager in the CCC and make sure Save All Catalyst Control Center Settings is checked. For Vista 32 Then go to the following location and open the following file for editing "C:\Users\Your Windows ID\AppData\Local\ATI\ACE\Your CCC Profile.XML. The xml file will have the same name as the Catalyst Profile you saved. right click and hit edit. For XP - Thanks Spartan for the path... Then go to the following location and open the following file for editing "C:\Documents and Settings\Your Windows ID\Local Settings\Application Data\ATI\ACE\Your CCC Profile.XML. The xml file will have the same name as the Catalyst Profile you saved. right click and hit edit. Now go down the page until you see the following lines in the XML file ... Change the "Property name="FanSpeedAlgorithm" value=" from "Automatic" to "Manual" Then change "Property name="Want" value=" from "23" to your desired fan speed. Save the file, then reload the Profile you just edited in the CCC. Done. Edit 1: After experimenting with my HIS HD4870 I found a fan-speed of 37% works best for me. My temps went from 79C at idle to 48C. Edit 2: Contrary to instrcutions posted on Guru3D by Bretware, most people are able to set their fan speed to "Automatic" rather than "Manual". Having it set to "Automatic" should allow the fan speed to ramp-up if needed beyond the fan-speed you entered. This doesn't work for me however and I must use "Manual". Edit 3: If you're using the Beta 8.7 Drivers, the XML file will now be located in a subfolder of the "Ace" folder called "Profiles" Edit 4: If you cannot locate the AppData folder you may need to goto Tools -> Folder Options -> View -> and put a check in the box that says "Show Hidden Files and Folders". Part2 or what i exactly did:) OK so the game dosent tend to crash under winXP but still the temperature of the video card by Default when you install the driver is marked at 80'C wich is way too high i actually burned my finger when i touched it So using the provided solution with my Radeon 4850 i changed the fan speed to 40% and purchased 1 extra fan the kind that normally cool your PC case and now the card current temperature is 58C wich is way better I would sugest increasing the fanspeed even further but dont go over 60% the indication of overdoing is normally when the fan starts buzzing ! You place the fan on top of the video card since its quite big the fan can be mounted with small plastic feets wich will provide better stability or put under the card if there is northing obsturcting it also make shure the wind wave is aimed at the card!
  10. Data collected from sapphire homepage for 4870 System Requirements –500 Watt or greater power supply with two 75W 6-pin PCI Express® power connectors recommended (600 Watt and four 6-pin connectors for ATI CrossFireX™ technology in dual mode)” –Certified power supplies are recommended. Refer to For 4850 –450 Watt or greater power supply with 75 Watt 6-pin PCI Express® power connector recommended (550 Watt and two 6-pin connectors for ATI CrossFireX™ technology in dual mode)
  11. Lazy the 4850HD also requires min of 450Wats power suply i double checked Also if you are intrested i searched the internet about the topic Ati4850 versus the geforce 9600GT and to my suprise ppl compare the ati 4850 to the 9800GTX and the 4870 the GTX280 graphic card but to my opinion 4870 is at advantage since it uses GDDR5 ram but if you want to play ww2online with it you will have to use WINXP
  12. I would recomend buying DUALCORE athlon 6000+ thats the best bang you can get at curent price besides it will cost you less than 200$ as for the video card im currently with 8600GT and i can say i get like 80 frames in the game with around 30-40 Frames during intence combat used to get like 20 frames during intence combat with my Athlon 4400 +by intence combat i mean town full of tanks
  13. well why do ppl push for vista russian team of engineers managed to make a program that unlocks DX10 extras under WINXP could have bought the 4870 version but i had to buy new power suply + to pay the subsribtion for ww2online for next 6months hehe
  14. Im replacing my video card tomorow to ATI4850 are there any problems compatibility wise with ww2online im using WINXP SP3!
  15. Im curious are we going to see the game optimized in the near future so it benefits from dual and quad core processors ?