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  1. The pzgr reticule lines only go to 15 (1500m), while the sprgr goes to 30 (3000m). The top and bottom degree lines are 0 (center) then 10 and then 20 degrees on either side of the center line. AP is on the left side of reticule; he is on the right side. o,5,8,10,12,15,18,20,23,25,27 and lastly 30, starting at the top of the reticule cross going down to about 1 cm from the bottom of the lens.
  2. French left out once again and nothing for the US.
  3. Why no gamebiy color selection?
  4. https://m.warhistoryonline.com/press-releases/pegasus-bridge-the-movie.html
  5. S! Buckeyes. Have fun up in Valhalla!
  6. You can drive a truck right up to an empty fb with one or more sappers and the truck will endlessly supply satchels without having to make a fru. Doesn't this make the increased damage to down a Fb now moot?
  7. Good except for the gay slurs.
  8. here's hoping it doesn't blow up when you plug it in!
  9. Grats! My father used to train soldiers at Fort benning before he retired there in '78. Ranger training if I remember correctly as he trained on the jump towers. Remember me and my mom running into him at the base hospital one day when I was a young boy. I had broke my arm; one of his soldiers had been injured at the grenade training course.
  10. probably something to do with those old russian/chinese flags You remember how sometimes flags would pop up in game that werer red with gold star.... maybe these old legacy remnants are mucking things up?