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  1. Thanks for the replies One thing I did notice, is that the game seems to run kind of smoother. It could be that my current computer is a bit better than the one I used in 2011, but an upgrade on the host is probably helping too. Also the general network en route may have been upped a bit since 2011. I have a love/hate relation with this game, and have to admit to a few rage quits. Sexy heartbreaking biatch it is
  2. To me everything appears to be the same as when I last played in 2011 - did I miss something?
  3. What year did you start playing? 2007 When was the last time you played? 2013 What squad were you in? 75 Squadron and 19 Squadron What side did you primarily play on? Allied. Played on and off between 2007 and 2013 - mostly off I guess
  4. Was over Bergen Op Zoom in a Spit. Took hits and I'm suddenly presented with the despawn dialog. Never touched the Esc button (or any other for that matter). No timer, no other option but to press OK (the Cancel option is greyed out). When pressing OK and despawning I see my Spit in flames, no tail and no wings. But I got RES I had this once before a couple of weeks ago. Annoying
  5. I've gotten 2 of those when my engine stopped after ticking I noticed the player doing some damage, did get a kill although I got a RES after landing - otherwise unharmed - at a field close to the AF. Got a screenshot, but seems like I have to host that somewhere else to enclose it ;P