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  1. I cant play the game either. Payment updated and it wont bill and activate my account. Sent a ticket and got a reply of " thanks for the heads up" what the hell does that mean?
  2. Server still down? I can't log in at all as of 11pm central US time.
  3. So is the game still down I cant log in as of 11pm central time. I keep getting disconnected everytime I select the game server?
  4. I completely disagree with the notion that an LMG gunner can not fire while moving . The LMG can and should be able to be fired while moving in an emergency and has been in real combat.
  5. 1st year the game came out 2002? was in the 1st Canadian as player name Blade6.. That was before I was drawn to the Dark side
  6. That wall is awesome, how long did it take to build? The timers between bunker builds is pretty long IMO.
  7. Friday night and the server is down? what the hell...........
  8. Not very thrilled about the new allied aircraft and tank mods. Guess we gotta keep the allieds happy and the axis down.
  9. Just looked at the patch notes. The allies get more frigging hurri bombers with 10 .303 guns and we get a 109 with one bomb that wont work anyway. Allies get more firepower in the armor and we get smoke rounds and a few italian infantry. Sounds like crap to me
  10. Guess I don't get to play tonight then
  11. submitted since it has happened again and prevents me from enjoying the game
  12. I have tried to play several times over the last two weeks and get constant " disconnected from authentication server" and can't connect. Suggestions I have ever experienced this issue in 16 years until just the last 2 or 3 weeks.
  13. No I have not but I did delete and do a fresh install, still unable to connect
  14. God forbid that long time players complaint about the bs they experience in this game.
  15. The problem is to many allied players and side switches combined with inferior equipment equals axis loss after axis loss. Getting rather tired of it myself. Why was the new camp started at tier 3 right off the bat with americans already in also?
  16. Way more than enough allied players that is for sure.
  17. I think CRS knows quiet well about axis armor issues. The armor at all angles seems to be made of tissue paper and the smallest projectile kills you. Tigers being killed frontally by allied weapons that historically could not penetrate a Tiger frontally. The invincible Sherman that can become a bush at the drop of a hat as well as most other brit tanks. ****y Axis vehicle camo that makes us stand out like a turd in a punch bowl. I am not an articulate guy like some of the folks who post here as you might tell but that is what I see. The Axis armor at all levels has been handicapped for the past couple of years. I vary rarely tank because it's a death trap. I at least have a fighting chance as a Soldaten on the ground with my rifle.
  18. Pretty much yes. The victories go back an forth based on who changes sides to give the other side numerical superiority.
  19. That is BS then, gotta cater to the Allied player base. If that was the true intent then it's crap and should be removed. Every side does not always play at the same time or with the same strength. I guess we can't have the Axis ever get an advantage whether through luck or the fortunes of war.
  20. Would you like some cheese with that whine?
  21. Well said. I agree 100%
  22. A big Negative
  23. Everyone knows Axis armor sux and has been that way for the last several years. The Axis armor game is about dead and it should be addressed soon. While the Axis side still has a few players left.
  24. Man these forums are dead.
  25. All it takes is AXIS get the side switchers back then we might win. Then they go allied and pow, a loss.