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  1. This happens to almost everyone from time to time, most likely is game issue, or everyone's issue.
  2. I am using intel E8200 CPU, eVGA GeForce 8800 GTS, 4 GB DDR2 RAM, X-Fi sound card. I can have 200 - 300 fps flying, and only 30+ fps in hot area on the ground. If you have 80 fps in the air, get a new system.
  3. there is option in the setting to turn it off
  4. This happened to me before in my old system. You should check event viewer in control panel to see if any system or application errors logged.
  5. what's your setting after install ?
  6. I bought eVGA GF8800 GTS 512MB, but I hated the stock heatsink and the fan sucks I mounted Arctic Cooling GPU heatsink plus 2 x 92mm fan with max RPM all the time. It is about 45c idle and 55c MAX in summer day with all graphic setting to lowest in this game
  7. you need to enable tooltip in user interface setup section but this also brings up pop up windows explaining what is what it is a bit annoying at first for the vets, but it should die down after a while
  8. do u need to update any plug-in or flash players or things like that for your browser ?
  9. SpeenFan for windows http://speedfan.en.softonic.com/
  10. I just look at the MB on tiger direct, and sound card on some site. The rest I only look at your description. I think it should be fine, and it should be much better than your integrated video cards in you old system. Although sound card is not best, but I think it should still relief some load from the CPU.
  11. ATI 5670 or GF 9800 would work, and don't go for any middle range cards, this game is very demanding for graphic card, CPU, and memory. Both speed and capacity, so I am not sure if HTPC would really work well for you, but give it a shot.
  12. i use ftp://downloads.wwiionline.com
  13. GeForce 8600 GT is probably going to give you the FPS like that I would recommend to get better video card also your CPU seems used for notebook instead of desktop it just looks like you need a new system because your CPU, graphic card, and mostly memory is slower
  14. when u use binos to look at the trees, your GPU has to render all those realistic leaf, it drops the fps like you never imagine don't use binos to look at tree leaf
  15. keep your 5830 card, don't go for 5770 OC even it's OC, the GPU for 5770 only has 128-bit memory interface, but 5830 has 256-bit, and that's huge difference if I remember correctly, 5830 has more stream processor units which is good just get a better PSU I am not expert for AMD cpus, so can't help you