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  1. There are times in towns I'll drop to 4fps. Bombing has become impossible, I've lost a boatload of bombers sitting in #2 hammering the 1 key trying to get back into the chickenpit. If a fighter drags me over the town, I'll lag out and crash.What confuses me is that it wasn't always like this in 1.34, and since we haven't had a client update, it has gotten worse, so one can only guess that changes in the hosts are causing more lag. I'm really hoping that 1.35 will be out soon.
  2. Even after you spawn in? I'm not an expert but I would start there.You say you have a SB card. Do you have onboard sound as well? If so, go to your bios and disable the onboard sound. It may be conflicting with the card. As pittpete said, make sure you're in the right hole.
  3. Windows7? Using teamspeak? Open a browser or TS before entering the game. After it loads, alt+tab to another app, click it. Now click the speaker icon on your desktop and open the mixer. Check it's volume for wwiiol. If that isn't it, back in game in your Preferences tab, Sound, if it's on primary sound driver, click to see if your sound device is there. Change it to that. Or if it's on your device, try switching to primary. If using teamspeak, check your plugins. If you are using Volume control, check the settings. Check your sound preferences. There's an option in there that lets applications take exclusive control of sound if running. Maybe something else has control when you run the game. If none of that works, throw the PC out the window and get a mac. They don't have all of these silly problems.
  4. fyi still hasn't been done.
  5. I signed back up on June 06, on the free month offer, but in my account information it still shows Jul 06, 2012as the next event (ie. billing) date. When will the free month show up?
  6. Is there a way to configure the User CP so when I click on the New Posts button it will filter out the mindless dribble from the OT forum?
  7. Why do all the intermissions need to be so special? How about try a few of these: 1. Turn on all the icons. Let everyone see every tag, friendly and enemy. 2. FF = ON. 3. Joules x10. A little edit in joules, make everything bullet/bomb 10x as powerful. What the heck, it's only intermission....
  8. Same here, same setup. AFter the CTD I already know to reboot. If I log back in, I get the all persona's locked screen. One other common thing I see. If my map doesn't update, looking at the theater map zooming in and out, the map will go white, or sometimes half white on the bottom. I know the next mission I rtb from, I'll CTD after seeing this. hope that helps.