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  1. Used the semi auto rifle on the german side and the sniper rifle but no kills were registered during my massacre of the americans.
  2. I noticed this last night after flying in the 190 for 10-15 minutes that when I zoomed into gunsight view the bullets did not line up with the gunsight but instead would shoot off to the right. The only way I could fix it was when I rtbed and took off in a new 190 but again after about 10-15 minutes it started to happen again.
  3. Fark, didn't work.
  4. Thanks, I'll try turning off the UAC and restarting. Hooopefully that'll work because having to change the settings over and over is getting annoying.... Funny thing is the inputs are saved so I don't have to keep changing the controls.
  5. I bought a new computer a few days back and now whenever I try to change the ingame settings like set the visible player limit or ragdoll on and then save the changes it always reverts back to visible player medium and ragdoll off...along with water reflections and radius... What the debil is going on? I'm using windows 7 ermmm...ya Anyone else run into this? Sounds like a bug to me hence the bug forum.
  6. I've noticed this one for a long time but just assumed it had been mentioned before... When flying (possibly on the ground too but not totally certain) if you are doing CAS runs you can spot a panhard easily because from far away the wheels of the pan light up and make them stick out. I figure it happens around 1000m out.
  7. Was rtbing back to Brussels in my Hawk and had the map open and then I was shot down. I blacked out and hit the ground and was unable to hit esc, had to ctrl-alt-del to get out.
  8. Same here. Greatly noticeable whilst flying. The terrain is the only part that flashes (I think)
  9. When trying to compare another player against myself he has nine characters in his name but the search for player only allows 8 characters. Purdy please fix it so I can fully understand how much I have owned Stickman8 this campaign. Thank you, crs.
  10. This is our final stand defences kicking in. We secretly had been developing this weapon since campaign 58 and now it has been activated!!! BE SCARED!
  11. They were british poofy pants Made is pretty easy to spot them while I was flying low and slow.
  12. Lol, I'm just stating that when I strafed those 2 infantrymen that they flew up into the air almost 200 feet or so. no where in my statement is a gripe about it, hell I had a good laugh at it but I just assume it is something that should atleast be mentioned.
  13. Well it's something that is definetly affecting a large enough amount of players that there has been a lot of griping about mission results, myself included. Last night I probably had it happen to me 8 or 9 times in a 4 hour timeframe. Major problem when compared to 1.30 where it barely happened to me. Oh and alt f4 works nicely when you load up the game make sure to hit alt f4 after it says you connected to chat. That way you don't have to load the game all the way and have those bloody locked symbols staring at you.
  14. So before the allies captured metz a few days ago I took up a 109e1 and found some ei to strafe...and that is when the hilariousness ensued. I strafed 1 ei and noticed something fly by my cockpit maybe 100-200 feet in the air. Second ei I strafed I saw him go flying up into the air above me at roughly the same alt again. Just thought that should be mentioned. God I wish I had fraps going at that moment.
  15. He just has happy feet leave the poor guy alone!