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  1. liberal hippie tree hugger knifing fool.
  2. Any other game and you'll get decent fps but this one...ermmmm ya.. probably 20ish in decent fights but in low fighting situations you'll get some good fps.
  3. So a friend of mine wants to play the game again but his asus x1600 will say something about missing shader 1.2 and when the music starts (after loading) the screen is black..... What is going on in this picture? He was able to play this game just fine and dandy pre 1.31 and i checked out what the x1600 can handle and apparently it can do shader 3.0 and as far as i know his drivers are all updated. Help, por favor.
  4. Whoa, talk about ninja thread merge.
  5. THat's just plain silly. The open discussion for the rates is placed in the commingly viewed community pc help forum. There is no hiding it.
  6. Installed the game and restarted..playgate still wants me to download the entire game!! WHHHHY GOOOD!!!
  7. Account management page won't load up and I'm not sure who to email about it but if my sub runs out I might have a stroke! EEK! *edit* Nevermind mind I'm good....Let's just pretend this was never typed up.
  8. I'll come! that is all.
  9. stuka for me pretty please.
  10. i hear DDZ wants to take on 3pzg in an inf battle.