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  1. I want you to see the knife in my hand that i just used to carve you like a thanksgiving turkey
  2. Did we win stats yet?
  3. I was at walcourt ab waiting for zee panzers!
  4. Been down that road before and NOTHING came of it i was supposed to get an email list of former active squaddies but got zilch ,tried 3 times and nothing.....if you would like please send all active and inactive AEF squad members a pm about the op
  5. We been attacking and camping the axis p1 fbs when thats happened...the other day u lit up my firefly with tb stuka at an fb in the south doing just that lol
  6. Been alot of action this map but a dropoff in numbers since holidays ended for sure.....tbh i just think peeps need to stop sitting in empty cps at dead aos or clicking fbs all over the map looking for damage.....attacking is needed or we all just wasting our time
  7. Everyone is just defending noone realizes that the action we get is the action WE create.....allies were op for a bit today and i counted 12+ sitting in town (mostly shermans) getting nothing done against light ews while we could barely muster 8-9 guys for an ao for about 10 minutes...mind you axis were rolling backline ms’s/tigers and all sorts of stuff a loong ways away when if they spent a third of that energy they could have probably capped a spawn at an ao or camped an ab/fb...its to dam easy to defend
  8. Some players do get extreme with them...i wanna start building ppos around canuks shermans and yell sapper on you canuk!....the hilarity of him not able to move will bring tears of joy
  9. I saw a random player building ppos at a frontline town 1k out that wasnt even an ao it was just him or her building a giant ppo obstruction with around 100 sandbags and barbwire....this is gonna turn into sim city with the ppps and trenches you will have squads forming to build these lol...looks good i just hope it doesnt make the battlefield more ww1 ish
  10. I would be a more productive member of society playing madden and dayz
  11. Amount of axis air i seeing this week is crazy and they all low and slow with their stuka tbs...we need you on that wall mo!
  12. Nice work rats
  13. And now they down grrrr