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  1. How dare ai camp your spawn when i can do such a better job?
  2. Did we win yet? Loonie hits 200k he should get a rabbit costume for a whole map
  3. Looks like you also tore your knee up on the landing
  4. Appears rdp is “stuck” again?
  5. That was me and it’s probably.reports is what i meant
  6. Tier 0 about a week tier 1 about a week tier 2 is at 53% after 6 days not sure if .rdp is bugged or the timers are started 1/23 fyi
  7. Sgthenning must fill your box with his constant yelling that everyone is cheating/hacking lol....i can only imagine thr sheer amount of reports and content
  8. Dont listen to dfire this is how he plays ww2ol
  9. Learn how to play as infantry till your comfortable and then move up to armor...try atgs as well and learn the soft spots on enemy armor which is usually as close as u can get to a 90 degree angle side shot or from hit points in this game its all about what your using and where your shooting
  10. Matamor when stats get fixed
  11. I got accused of this yesterday by sgthenning maybe someone should point out these bugs to him so he doesnt keep making accusations at me ffs....then again he thinks everyone that shoots him is doing something shady so whats the point