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  1. Thats worst idead ever best way to kill attacts and the game together.
  2. Could use it I pay the post to sent the to Greece I bet will cost more than buying it
  3. WTF how when damm.
  4. O yes will be really fun BTW Saerdna here..
  5. Us and them was a wonderful song choice. EDIT: Pink Floyd FTW
  6. USS Penn, please. I had it last year as Subrat.
  7. as hinfoo (hinfoos)
  8. PAYMENT TERMS 1-Year GAMENAME hinfoos SUBSCRIPTION KEY XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX SUBSCRIPTION STATUS Inactive SUBSCRIBED ON Feb 11, 2008 LAST BILLED ON Jan 13, 2010 NEXT BILL DATE Apr 13, 2010 AMOUNT DUE NEXT $129.99 so my 1year thingy has been paid but not in effect yet?
  9. why is it inactive? i got 2-3 warning about my subscription was running out so bought a new one.. a 1year sub. thuesday lastweek,it went fine until yesterday when i couldnt log into the forum and trying to login to the game and it says account inactive. how come? didnt my money come through or what? sent in a ticket yesterday but still no answer /hinfoos