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  1. Appears rdp is “stuck” again?
  2. That was me and it’s probably.reports is what i meant
  3. Sgthenning must fill your box with his constant yelling that everyone is cheating/hacking lol....i can only imagine thr sheer amount of reports and content
  4. Dont listen to dfire this is how he plays ww2ol
  5. Learn how to play as infantry till your comfortable and then move up to armor...try atgs as well and learn the soft spots on enemy armor which is usually as close as u can get to a 90 degree angle side shot or from hit points in this game its all about what your using and where your shooting
  6. Agreed on this dont even have enough hc anymore to swap ao’s it would be a disaster to bring back the strat game even at 50% of what it was
  7. Axis grenadier will be having a field day acting as shotgun in them there trenches
  8. I have seen cutoff towns with multiple divisions worth of supply not get used because usually the underlying cause is bad moral and players didnt want to push out proper from the cut...instances were players must move supply up to then use i dont think it would work unless game mechanics change that keep cutoff towns on map longer and maybe give slight advantages to cutoff towns in regrads to cap timers or higher thresholds on fb damages?
  9. Maybe your tow account doesnt like you
  10. No need we will have bus tankbust ya
  11. HAha i love it!
  12. See you in my stats mata-ho!
  13. Like tier progression being cut down just need some clarification on timeline of when new tier hits and consistency
  14. I want you to see the knife in my hand that i just used to carve you like a thanksgiving turkey
  15. Did we win stats yet?
  16. I was at walcourt ab waiting for zee panzers!
  17. Been down that road before and NOTHING came of it i was supposed to get an email list of former active squaddies but got zilch ,tried 3 times and nothing.....if you would like please send all active and inactive AEF squad members a pm about the op
  18. We been attacking and camping the axis p1 fbs when thats happened...the other day u lit up my firefly with tb stuka at an fb in the south doing just that lol
  19. Been alot of action this map but a dropoff in numbers since holidays ended for sure.....tbh i just think peeps need to stop sitting in empty cps at dead aos or clicking fbs all over the map looking for damage.....attacking is needed or we all just wasting our time