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  1. kfs still work for them? We saw this years ago and he fixed it pretty quick once he had someone like me crashing left and right. Its a host issue combined with client. If my fix isnt working they'll reach out to you to try and isolate the problem. Give the rats a min, one of them will work with one of you and get it resolved. They just need to figure out where the problem is coming from. I assure you they have a pretty elaborate setup. With the load balancing, clones, databases, etc they need time to identify the problem from what i can tell. Either way, they are seeing problems/errors in the logs on their end and i'd expect a patch once they isolate the issue.
  2. you have 2 physical cpus? I doubt ww2 supports it. As stated, it only used 1 core as well if you have a multi-core cpu. I noticed that last night when i was having ctd issues. I pulled up task manager and it was only using 1 of my 4 cores.
  3. windows 7 64bit home premium xfiring 2 ati 6850's overclocked to 820/1200 running at 141gb/s Phenom 2 955 overclocked to 4.2 with a h50 water cooler 4gig of corsair xms3 antec 750 power supply Asus m4a79xtd evo w/d 500gig hd
  4. changing your game sound settings eliminated the problem for me. Change it from "primary sound device" to whatever you are using (headset or speakers). I had a 5 hour run no issues. I'm assuming this will resolve most. I ctd like 4 times in like 40min span before i made that change. Props to dinker and the rats. I guess there was a thread going on for a bit about it. Why they stickied this is FAIL on rats side.
  5. Straight rebootski, like my hardware is getting worked. Everything looks fine on my end. I can overclock it + 500mhz and still runs 3dmark, etc fine. I set it back to stock and same ****. My dual core is runing under 20 degrees on each core, my ram is rated at 800 and i even dropped it down to 678. I have Zero problems with my shootemup bang bangs. Any tips or help would be appreciated. So im clear, im running my chip, ram and card stock to try and play this game. Any fine tuning tips from the rats is what im looking for. IP: Last crash was around 12AM PST. You guys have log files i can add from my local pc? Anyways, thanks for taking a look. Not sure what else to look for. XP SP2 2gig kingston xms 4-4-4-12 evga 9600 gt SSC amd x2 5400
  6. ya, and it worked thanks.
  7. 4600 amd x2, 7950gt, 2gigs of ram, vista ultimate. Playgate seems to have issues. Vista pretty much tells me to look online or close the program. email me at if there is an obvioius fix. Tried running the exe in campatibility mode and thats about it. Dont really have the time to **** with it. Im assuming others have seen the issue. Tried posting my dxdiag but i guess that doesnt help since the forums dont support that much txt in a post.
  8. ill add it when i build my next box. I was just posting here to let others know i saw the same issue. Obviuosly the patch caused some fps issues for some of us. Halo3's coming out, i wont be playing much on the pc until i build a new box anyways. Good luck to the guys with issues. S!
  9. there was nothing wrong with my system before the patch. I went from about 40-50 fps last map down to 6-25fps now as well. Reinstalled my vid, sound drivers. Completely removed game by uninstalling, deleting the crs and playnet folders and registry entries. Reinstalled, no luck. any big battle near the town, i drop down to like 8fps. No idea whats going on, but have unsubbed once again because i cant play the game. i have amd 64bit 4300 6800GT OC gig of ram xp sp2 16mbit/2mbit cable so i may be due for an upgrade i guess.
  10. i have zero issues on my main pc. its on 5mbit cable. I havent had a ctd in i dont know how long. Gameplay couldnt be any smoother either. What's your guys pc specs, or your last upgrade? since ive went to 64bit amd chip and a 6800GT, i havent had any issues with lag. they all just disappeared besides when the whole servers fubar'd. But sporin, u ctd last night and i played all night without 1 problem, fyi.
  11. 2nd Panzer Division KG1 in game!!
  12. im suprised the game will launch with that card. Seriously....
  13. after looking at the comparisons, it looks like the 6600GT is a better card. Its what id suggest if your not looking to spend too much. I know alot of guys using them and they like them.