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  1. As a player who has been here since the first Open Beta of WW2OL, I will say that this latest code patch has demonstrated a commitment on the part of CRS to do everything in their power to balance game play via lines of code. It works as advertised - apart from a few unintentional bugs which are to be expected. IMO the outcome of the current campaign and any future ones rests in numbers. WW2OL will always award "The Win" to the side that can recruit and maintain numerical superiority over the other side. Nothing new here. More than code, equipment, or leadership - The victory lies in numbers. No amount of code can trump that. So to CRS I say "Thank you". You have done your part. To the beleaguered Allies I say "Persevere". To the Wunderkind of the Reich I say "You might always have the numbers and the wins - but we fight on the virtual side that prevented a world of tyranny, domination, and genocide. " Stick that in your pipe and smoke it ... Square-heads
  2. I agree with many above. Nuke the free 2nd account or side-lock it to the prime account. Seems so easy to do, but m'eh..... we know better than make that assumption.
  3. Great work XOOM. Always good to know you are at the helm of this basket of tumbleweeds.
  4. Thanks JW. Much appreciated..
  5. "STO"... Star Trek Online?
  6. Only thing I would add to aismov's quote above would be a %complete and projected release # along side each of the bulleted items he proposed above. This would allow us to see what is pending and where/if our "pet features" fall in the pending queue. Oh.. and keep the bullet descriptions high level, no need to make this onerous.
  7. What Capco said..
  8. What Capco said...
  9. Hiya Capco. Dude, if I'm on when you are, I'd be happy to help in any role you need. I'm dyed in the wool Allied for all the above reasons.
  10. I agree with Asimov's statement. I KNOW CRS 2.0 could not hope to maintain a business if they favored a side in their game design. Shucks, I just would enjoy seeing a few now and then, but I get the desire to go incognito due to the "gadfly" effect. Originally didn't think about that. The eye-opener was the side preference poll that showed PLAYERS prefer axis over allies by 50% (40% allied 60% axis). It put the continuous Allied campaign losses in perspective. Numbers and balance - not code - determine the campaign outcomes more than anything else.
  11. As an Allied only player from day one, it is pretty compelling - as I read through the list at the link - to recognize very few names that I've ever seen playing alongside us in a campaign.
  12. IMO, any WW2 game that depends so heavily on a single, hand-held weapon to secure victory is terribly broken. I applaud XOOM and CRS for making the global LMG class change that they did.
  13. Great work. Thank you!
  14. Now THAT'S an idea.