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  1. Right. Basically, physically hamper the user somewhat. Remove running fire mode.
  2. Can be fired from deployed or crouch. No fully upright position allows fire. Seems like a compromise, as there would be physical hampering lugging it on the run. So not a stationary only weapon, but one that hampers the rate of advance if used un-deployed.
  3. Parity for the FR and supplemental for the UK. But these are micro issues. The macro issue is why are the Allied severely under-popped and de-motivated? Last three days the ratio of town captures of Axis vs. Allied is abysmal. Something isn't working and the risk is a game that bores one side because winning is a cake-walk, and de-motivates the other side by making it hopeless. Good luck.
  4. What imded said. Ridiculous implementation of a stationary weapon.
  5. This current campaign has been great for RDP! I'd like to say thank you to Forrest, Mundagurri, Starbug, gces, and Jaypee. I'm certain there are many more, but those are the ones I'm aware of. Keep those pickles tumblin'. <S>
  6. FWIW - I have wanted the side-lock on a per campaign basis for years now. Makes sense. Like Mundagurri said - Try it for a couple of campaigns. Can't hurt.
  7. Thanks N8R! <S>
  8. Got a new escort for all to keep their eye on: Tobeaucu. Kid is a Phenom! He makes the 109s and 110s pop like fat spiders!
  9. Congratulations all. I will continue the lonely task of flying solo RDP missions in hopes that one day I shall be knighted "Baron of Gray Matter", or at least "The Count of five".
  10. Thank you everybody for the very kind words. Looking forward to wiping that pathetic mustache off Der Fuehrer's upper lip with 250 kg of love.
  11. dustyhc is my ingame name. The hc has nothing to do with high command. It just allows other Airwarrior vets to identify me as dusty from the hellcats squad.
  12. Hi Airslayr88. I'd love to join the 617. You can check with Panda1, Rebel357, M1G, Grear, Forrest, Rokal, Heyden, to name a few that have run rdp bombing with me or I with them. I'm only Allied and would love to be a part of an organized rdp bombing unit.
  13. Looks like we are lining up to get our butts handed to us for the 7th time in a row. Just as Rokal and I got the Axis RDP down to 25%, and Allies were within 1 city of assaulting Koln and Dusseldorf - we already owned Frankfort - ( Friday 15th 9 pm PDT), it seems that a "Bug" that magically provided the Germs extra supply appeared. Now to add insult to injury, the model for dive bombing factories has been "optimized" by CRS to some ridiculous bomb arming paradigm. Now, as if that wasn't enough, The 111 was gifted with 2.5X the lethality in factory damage than it's nearest counterpart the DB7. Basically a 111 can only have 1/2 it's bombs hit and still cause 25% more damage than a full bomb load from a DB7. Now THAT'S what I call balanced game design!!! Pep talks are great and mighty sacrifices make for great stories. But why would anybody want to persist playing a game whose designers make it impossible for one side to win ? At the end of the day, it's either: > Equipment designed with bias toward Axis > Rules designed with bias toward Axis > Axis attracts smarter High Command candidates and Axis players are better tankers, bombers, fighters, riflemen, snipers, naval captains, gunners, sappers, engineers, truck drivers, communicators and map markers than Allied. Juss sayin'. P.S. How hard would it be for the SW team at CRS to make LMGs only fire if deployed? I'm sick of shoot from the hip Rambo krauts.
  14. 1. Bombadier booted to training arena after DB7 missions 2. Clipping through floors/walls - feet / body parts protruding through "solid" objects 3. The axis LMG aiming exploit, namely being able to set up their LMGs and aim down the sight WHILE running around. (Quoted from above)
  15. Please respond here if you would like to join a casual squadron that is dedicated to Allied strikes against Axis factories. We will provide training collateral once you have been vetted. Would like to arrange a squad day or night that we get together once a week for a couple of hours and run some large rdp missions.