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  1. Thanks JW. Much appreciated..
  2. "STO"... Star Trek Online?
  3. Only thing I would add to aismov's quote above would be a %complete and projected release # along side each of the bulleted items he proposed above. This would allow us to see what is pending and where/if our "pet features" fall in the pending queue. Oh.. and keep the bullet descriptions high level, no need to make this onerous.
  4. What Capco said..
  5. What Capco said...
  6. Hiya Capco. Dude, if I'm on when you are, I'd be happy to help in any role you need. I'm dyed in the wool Allied for all the above reasons.
  7. I agree with Asimov's statement. I KNOW CRS 2.0 could not hope to maintain a business if they favored a side in their game design. Shucks, I just would enjoy seeing a few now and then, but I get the desire to go incognito due to the "gadfly" effect. Originally didn't think about that. The eye-opener was the side preference poll that showed PLAYERS prefer axis over allies by 50% (40% allied 60% axis). It put the continuous Allied campaign losses in perspective. Numbers and balance - not code - determine the campaign outcomes more than anything else.
  8. As an Allied only player from day one, it is pretty compelling - as I read through the list at the link - to recognize very few names that I've ever seen playing alongside us in a campaign.
  9. IMO, any WW2 game that depends so heavily on a single, hand-held weapon to secure victory is terribly broken. I applaud XOOM and CRS for making the global LMG class change that they did.
  10. Great work. Thank you!
  11. Now THAT'S an idea.
  12. I'm sorry, but I still don't see the insult. To paraphrase, all I am saying that if seasoned players are getting frustrated then I feel for those who are brand new getting immersed into this lop-sided situation. If you want to be insulted by that I can't help you friend.
  13. LOL. Geez. I was really trying to be sympathetic to how the younger, quicker crowd raised on the "shoebox" games - who are brand new to WWII OL - must feel. Sorry you took that as an insult or slap.
  14. These days, I log into the game and see the Axis in a perpetual state of overpopulation. This happens at 4pm, 8pm, and 10pm my time (PST) during the week and whenever I log in over the weekend. I seldom go into the game beyond that because "What's the point?" When I do, I join in the current attack/def wholeheartedly supporting HC. I do some cheerleading to try to keep momentum up and - on rare occasions - we prevail and actually win a town. We backslap, WTG and pass around virtual high-fives. Yet, by parallel comparison - these days - such a scenario is historically closest to a bunch of malaria ridden Americans and Filipinos taking a nipa hut on the Bataan peninsula. An hour later the town we took is back in the Axis hands along with 4 or 5 others that we lost due to concentrating on one town with our meager numbers while the Axis has the numbers to mount substantial objectives anywhere they want. Even more de-motivating is to open the Online Map and absorb the stats. Honestly guys this isn't fun. I've been around in the game for a very long time. I was an original cross over from Air Warrior who joined the game on very nearly day one. I had some life issues that caused me to un-sub for a few years, then came back and have no plans to un-sub. I can afford the cost no problem. However, if someone like me is not having fun and not feeling motivated to log in, I can't imagine how some twitch fingered whipper-snapper - who considers $15 bucks a month for a full load out subscription as substantial scratch - feels if he is unfortunate enough to join the Allied side. I know there are those who will start the drumbeat cacophony that Allied lose because our leadership is this or that or we give up too soon, or we don't guard, or we don't take FBs down, or we don't exploit Mattys, or our FMS strategy is bad, blah, blah, blah. The only time I see this game really pop is when the numbers are at or near parity. And then, man, let the games begin! This numbers thing is - IMO - something that needs to be addressed sooner rather than later. I could give a rip about V1.36 because if there is sustained near parity, the version we are at right now is just fine. My rant here isn't because I think I'm right. It's because I fear we will loose something that is very unique and highly valued. To lose this game would really suck.