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  1. Hi guys. Just putting a bump here for snkeyes. He tried to update his billing method this morning and keeps getting an error. He has just submitted a support ticket. The screwy thing is is that his subscription page shows everything is updated and OK, but the game will not let him in. He went through this last month and now it's starting all over again. Please help him.
  2. Nice work Ryman.
  3. Hi wjones. If you mean "English speaking" then look no further. I am a recent member of the Lafayette Federation Squad. It is an Allied only squad, and filled with a lot of great guys. Please consider us and visit our squad website at https://lafayettefederation.enjin.com/.
  4. Thank you. <S>
  5. Fantastic Doc. What a great bit of news!
  6. Shoot, take that down one order of magnitude to 50 and I still think that probably out-raises most of the fundraisers.
  7. I find it amusing that this game can be played at the most basic level for just a bit more than the cost of one coffee from Starbucks ($3.25). The average savings for eating a bagged lunch vs. eating out at jack in the box/burger king/del taco/el pollo loco/mcdonald's/subway is also about $3.... per lunch ($15 buck / week). I don't know. Can't say I see the big problem here. But then again, maybe I'm just missing something. Not being able to re-sub at basic once you've been premium, yeah that's a bit draconian. Seems like both sides should be able to meet in the middle on this. Never agreed with perpetual f2p, always felt that value merits reward..... But, I was born in another century so maybe it's the dinosaur in me that makes me think this way.
  8. Hi Money. Here's the flap commands for incremental ( 10% per press) flaps. I mapped mine to the [ ] keys. Can't help with the rest of your stuff, but maybe this will do some good. Just paste it at the end of your .cfml file using Notepad ( turn wordwrap on). Note - I have specific .cfml files for particular planes ( e.g. DB-7.cfml, Boston.cfml, etc..) <control function="Flap control"> <joyaxis stick="0"></joyaxis> <keyabsolute value="0.00"> <key></key> </keyabsolute> <keyabsolute value="0.00" index="10"> <key></key> </keyabsolute> </control>
  9. Hi Zeb. Just started reading it. You need to add Frankfurt as a weapons supply factory.
  10. Actually I did mean flaps, but forgot that you have to add some lines to your .cfml file to make the game see them as incremental vs. full On/Off. You can get the code for this here: https://wiki.wwiionline.com/view/Incremented_flaps I think your cfml file is in the \Documents\Battleground Europe folder. There's a video link as well at that site that walks you through that. No elevator until you hit adequate ground speed. Just neutral elevator until you hit speed then gently feed up. I usually add some down trim on my return flight after the bombs have dropped so that the plane holds autopilot without bouncing out. 10-15% at max or continuous speed. I know it's lots of fiddly bits and flooby dust, but it is all worth it in the end. Flying with a mouse????? Joseph and Mary!
  11. As far as fighter planes, I'll let some of the fighter pilots chime in as I pretty much only fly bombers.
  12. Not sure Lonepilgim. The "Y" key should cycle your HUD. Ctrl "Y" will reset it ( you can find this information in the keymapper). (Hit M to open the Map, then select the Keymapper Tab). Ju52 is probably the easiest to fly and I'd put the Blen, Boston, and DB7 all in the same category of next easiest. There is a preflight process that you need to go through with these - and any of the - planes. Put on your brakes (check keymapper for how your brakes are mapped). You will need to hold down the brake key continuously - just like in a car - to stop any rolling. start the Engine - usually the E key. Select Maximum RPM (Usually the < ' > key. Turn WEP on. Run up your throttle to 100% and let the rpms build to their max - all while holding the brakes on. Once you hit the max RPMs you should be able to release the brakes and start your roll. Once you reach 90-100 mph you should be able to lift off , but use a gentle pull on the stick. If you horse the stick you will stall and crash. (fyi 20% or so of flaps will help your lift off). Once you are up, raise the gear. Flatten out, gain speed and you will be able to start your climb to your target altitude. Offline flying is your best way to master this very detailed set of steps. Flying is a process and it will keep your hands full as the learning curve is steep. Please keep up with your questions as there are many fine pilots who will gladly help you out here
  13. Lonepilgrim, I have a basic level bombing video here: