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  1. I need discord channel for my squad "Ironfist" On AXIS side
  2. Yep sick of the chess game ...where has my game gone ? Maps being over in less than 2 weeks have to go. All we have to do is race to the factories I get it *yawns And now yet another weekend intermission (im in vacation for the 2nd month in a row and I have no campaign just intermission) *PUKE !
  3. I have my enable squad recruitment on till I got too many players that joined but never joined my squads ops so id remove them after some time I then turned off squad recruiting Then after steam release I said wth let me turn it on again maybe Ill find a few that will play together with us = Not 1 new member I even had a second account leave the squad and to see if my squad was listed when logging on as an option and there are NO squads recruiting even when clicking on squad recruiting tab it tells me NO squads recruiting What is going on seems very broken to me
  4. First I blame CRS because my Fru should not DIE due to somebody moving brigade to same town as my mission target 2nd I do blame HC for not having an officer drop down into active missions with Frus (ESPECIALLY SINCE ITS TRUCK ONLY FRU MAKING) and talking to mission leader BEFORE BEFORE BEFORE they move that brigade
  5. Hc moves brigade im in DRIVE 1000s of miles to get from an uncamped town to get supply where it can be used to uncamp town then HC moves brigade = My fru gets killed by HC Make it so my game is not killed by theirs please..its already bad enough they have control of AO and supply moves I don't like that HC kills my fru Id rather have my enemy do it. KILL HC FRU killing when they move supply Leave my fru UP if they move it to the same town ....why is this so hard ?
  6. It seems just silly @ $17 dollars per month. I used to run 3 accounts but thats just to expensive @ that rate (cant run 3 on 1 machine no more but can run almost 2) I think undercutting other pay to play games would lead to more f2p conversions as well
  7. Intel X58 + i7 920 = WIN for a long time to come Video card changes will be your only concern (and that aint a bad thing when like said pc's change so much that its hard to keep up) **In my opinion I think this is best bang for buck and once vidcard upgraded you will have a beast that can take on anything out their @ this moment**
  8. This is almost the same build I got but its not a dell its a Best buy "ASUS" model The build above will be solid for at least 4 years .....yes its going to cost more than an AMD cept this time around its actually worth the money Let me put it another way .....Pre 1.31 ...I could run 2 ww2 accounts on same PC and play Age of conan with all three games on max setting and never see ANY FPS drop or stutters I havent tried it since 1.31 but im sure if any pc could still do it would be the i7 I have never seen its equal (not sure about DELL though I do hate them as they usually sell last years tech @ todays prices)
  9. i7's are all you will need for this game ever thats not a boast but a fact ......intels i7 are just that dam good
  10. My cpu runs @ 2.67 gig and it runs the game fast (I have an i7) I think what matters here is type of proccesser and how it uses it whats elusive and most important here 2 gigs of ram is not enough as you say but there is allways video card memory and speed of both ......and even speed of hard drive (that can through page file be used to simulate ram I have owned alot of pc's to play this game no expert but I know enough to research before I buy (its cheaper that way) What ive learned most is ASK before you buy .....and if no clear answer to be had through that fall back on that "Quality" COSTS MONEY So if something sounds the same but costs more probably means its better as competion and word of mouth *and the internet would NOT allow survival of a company that asked for more and giving less This is the way of the world
  11. I have refused to buy ice cream since a half gallon is not quite a half gallon anymore I have added to that list potato chips as NOW you can BUY most steak cheaper by the pound than you can potato chips (and they are BOTH pretty bad for you) Sometimes its the principle of an issue Mind you I dont want everyone to rage quit and destroy this great company trying to teach it a lesson over this but the drawing the line in the sand thing that seems to be going on in response to our displeasure seems to be very scary territory indeed I will pay the 17.99 next month for one reason I dont want to be the lost money that causes the snowball next month ...this is scary times and there is alot on the line I hope CRS reconsiders thier risk as I have mine Good luck to us all
  12. I dont think its wise to have this discussion in a forums designed to help people with there PC problems especially when ONLY Subscribers should be seeing this explosive an argument Please consider moving it to a forum only a paying player can view Im not saying that people that are considering to play should be out of this discussion at all .......I just think that you (crs) should hear from current subs as we all have a vested interest here and I think that this should be hashed out between US before allowing the public at large access to the discussion at this point
  13. wow MY THOUGHTS EXACTLY! I love CRS and all I swear I DO .....for giving us the most ambitious most large and most cool ww2 game ever but charging more than ANY OTHER MMO out there @ this time when so much is wrong with the game itself is ............... Shooting yourself in the foot on the day of the big race Im a long time sub of the game even up to 3 accounts back before "TOE" but the game in its current form AND INCREASING sub costs = not even 1 account Im sorry ww2online (battleground europe) I have overlooked bugs and re-works in the past and PAYED anything you have asked ........But today I say no to this and if it was only for ONE problem Id say yes but NOW I say HELL NO not EVER Its too much @ this time for what your offering Simple as that Sorry to say that as a 9 plus year supporter and under various accounts but 3 dollars MORE for this is just too much to ask @ the worst possible time RECONSIDER !
  14. Ouch .....thats pretty steep Not saying I cant afford it but watching everything from chips and beer and gas skyrocket I think that alot of people will A) be outta the fight cause they need food stead of this game (even though the best pvp fps out there its still not perfect if it was I give you 20 a month) I dont know what other pay to play games charge this much seems out of pace with the rest of them in my opinion C) The trend in online gaming is free 2 play (most are not really but some are) in a market saturated in mmorpgs and more coming out the steep charge will have some of us trying other games Being that this is a one of a kind game I see charging more (needs to be fixed alot more if you wanna go 3 buck increase this aint gasoline we talking about here) With that said its also a niche game that probably lost 1/3rd the playerbase @ the very least when CRS went live with 1.31/ragdoll .....I dont think trying to make up that money on those that have stayed is a good policy I say this with no bad intentions just in hopes that you reconsider before chasing any more payers .....I mean players away as game cant stand much more of that
  15. I use a headset ....just 1 speaker in each cup I have tried switching headsets ...have even tried using 2 diffrent sound cards and still get this but its not all the time its very random I can go weeks without it but then blam I start getting the poping and crackling even happens on diffrent pcs and the way that I have to FIX it is restart machine and its fixed