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  1. What is the deal with stats all screwed up?.. My brother and mine are not updating or not even being shown.
  2. this is starting to get frustrating.. I have tried about everything.. still hapenning.. any more ideas?
  3. any idea why engine sound does not work?
  4. everything came up ok.
  5. Im not using a router.. will run test. thanks
  6. I have tried everything ... still get connection lost .. any more ideas.. you guys have been a big help by the way, in other issues.
  7. thank you.. seems to be working.. though i still have no engine sound.. every other sound is working fine.
  8. thanks layz.. I may be back asking how to install it correctly.. Im not the sharpest tool in the shed.
  9. ok.. I have realtek hd adio rear output.. I am trying to find the new drivers. thanks
  10. Computer restarts completley when flying. Actually only when using everything but infantry.When flying, I cant hear the engine but everything else i can hear. Thanks in advance.
  11. uninstalled QoS.. actually made it worse.. will still try other stuff. thanks
  12. yes, ive tried most of those.. I played for about an hour this mornming and it acted ok.. I will keep trying different settings till something works... Thanks for the input.. Is the problem most likely a settings problem?
  13. i tried the low player vis. primary and secondary thing in settings.. pretty much all the basics from previously posted threads.. thanks for reply
  14. Newer comp. 2.13 ghz, 2 g ram... Cable modem com21... my brother lives 30 miles away... roadrunner i think.. radeon x1650 card.
  15. .

    The original post was sufficient No need to multi post the same issue -Merlin51