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  1. We need a successful 1.35, thats all.
  2. Same here. There was nothing at "Special offers" for this "free month" available. So I joined the normal way...
  3. The 2,3 GHz crippling alot, and the GRAKA doesent fit the minimum requirements too... So be happy to even play...
  4. So that kind of special events à la *LINDIR* wouldnt be possible on the training server now?
  5. 64bit is better, because you can use more RAM...32bit is limited to 4Gig minus Graka RAM
  6. I think the big problem for new players is, that the firing distance in this game is far higher, than in the usual shoebox shooter. (Inf = 1000m, Veh about 3000?m, Destroyer 5000m) So the enemy can kill you from a distant and hidden position. Getting killed and didnt hear the shot, you might got shot by a good rifleman or sniper at high distance ( you are faster dead, than sound can reach you) Enemy is often not more than a pixel on your screen.
  7. Leningrad and Stalingrad had lot of factories...
  8. I only looked at Wikipedia, and there they didnt fight against Germans...but you cant allways trust Wiki anyways...
  9. Take this. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UGUmCLxk3uY
  10. @Greni Did you do a movie from this event?
  11. Haha..I got you... =) But I got overwhelmed by "hordes" of enemies, short after that...
  12. I was the unlucky 2pounder. ) I heard from this event just before I was logging on live server, so I switched spontanously on trainingserver to participate. Greni told me to log on allied side, because there were still people needed. So I ended as an 2pounder in gnpattons squad. (for no reason, nobody else wanted that nice weapon , but I didnt wondering anymore, when I heard, what the event was about!!) ) So I pushed my mighty gun se out of town to the marking. It was a good position where I could overlook the e street of calais, w of Tcross. All in all I saw only a 232 antenna very far away at n coast, which I marked. Lot of fighting around, the panzers were taken out by the A13s and than we got order to retreat and to evacuate on the freighters. So I pushed my gun back to the port as fast as possible, allways fearing EI, because no own inf was left in my area. I arrived at port where 2 A13 were waiting for the freighter, which had to change his position because the crane was still out of range. I got the first lift, and told mimno, to put myself INSIDE the freighter, because of ei fire , which would have been arrived at port earlier or later. But NO, he tried to put me outside. After beggging to put me inside ASAP, I got shot by sniper dude neo, halfway to the save freighterbelly. That was the tragic end of the mighty 2pounder and its brave soldiers... ) P.S. It was a funny event, and I ll participate again!
  13. My driver charly06 and me were the STUG of Section 1 S of town. We werent prepared to MC a STUG but did it, because nobody else wanted...so it was quite difficult to manage maneuvers with it, even on TS ( thought we ll be rifle). Our first deployment was to much S, so we were ordered to go close town, which gave us less opportunities to deploy. We were 7 inf and 2 STUGmember and had our defenceperimeter from e to west over s street, STUG e of s road in a berm. I was the only one with binoc...our inf hadnt some at all,but I could spot 12+ EI crossing S street step by step ( some behind hill, spotting moving heads only)...they approched behind berms and trees. 1 or 2 sections I think went again us, crouching to N. 2 ETs were spotted s of town, e of s street...but no vis for me because trees and berms. Ei engaged...Inf fight began, I got order to suppres ei and fired some HE rounds in the berms, where many muzzleflashes blinked. 1 et fired from S against our inf...but no vis for me...then we got hit...tracked right side...WTF...where did that come from...used periscope...saw only tracer...Greni told...et !NW! your position!! They are in our back! Damn...we were badly flanked...1 et in the back, 2 infront S waiting for there chance. I decided to stay and dont move, because the flanking et didnt do more damage...thought, the shootangle is bad for him...so i waited for the southern tanks...and yes ...they came on S street to finish us of...I told the driver to get the tracked tank more rihgt, knowing that flanking et will have goood chance to kill us, but it was very difficult to get the damged Stug in position...had 1 et infront of my gun...but to late...before i could fire we were dead... Good event with much fun, even we died so fast... S!
  14. I`ll join GRENIs Squad as a grunt.