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  1. Very true. Like I said US army doctrine saw the BAR as a rifleman that could be a machine gun. Fairly early on it was recognized that specialized weapons were better. US machine gun crews would consist of 30 (or later yet 50) caliber guns and carry heavy load outs themselves, as the war progressed the BAR would get less of a role.
  2. The BAR was issued to one man and he was expected to use it as an infantry weapon. While it was impractical, due to its low rate of fire, early in the war the army expected it to fulfill a light machine gun role if needed. They also expected the soldiers to use it as a rifle. That is why the poor bastages that were issued it complained about its weight. So realistically in game it should be able to be used as either, but good luck firing that thing in real life unless it is supported.
  3. Asimov I totally agree with you. The switch is a good thing that will provide realism and not overtly affect gameplay. But I think saying that allied players that welcome this switch only do so because they think it is the bogeyman game changer that will lead to victory is false. I like the change because it is realistic. I agree with you, I don't think the MG34 was such an axis advantage, so why does that make me two-faced or disingenuous for saying I like this for historical reasons? I have never complained about it (look I have played for ever and only have a few posts on the new forums), like I said earlier, I don't care who wins. I just like to play the game and I want it to be as realistic as possible.
  4. The Browning was not a very effective weapon. It was too heavy to be an effective rifle and too slow to be an effective machine gun. I think it should be fireable while moving (as was early US doctrine) but with a penalty for the awkwardness of the weapon.
  5. Why does a desire for realism make me an allied player? I want the german panzers to be better than the british and French tanks. I want the weapons to reflect the war, I don't care about who wins. After all, we don't get to keep Belgium either way.
  6. In real life World War II LMG's were deployed as crewed weapons. They were usually used in a fixed position as a defensive weapon. Anything in the game that gets us closer to realism would be the best.
  7. Thanks for the suggestion Monsjoex. I tried it but it didn't work because, I can't see any brigades on the world map. No brigades show up at all. City names, roads, rivers, forests all there. If I look at brigades under the brigade tab it shows brigades and activity in brigades (but all blue bars). If I click on one of the brigades it says "no missions found," the same thing it says under the active battles tab. I noticed when I first click on "select brigade" from the Persona selection screen it says, "invalid brigade control notice received" with a red exclamation sign. This really sucks 2 days with no playing. Any other ideas anyone?
  8. I downloaded the new patch and since then I have no active missions listed under any allied persona. I rebooted 3 times and all 3 times it was the same. It said "no missions found" and had a blank screen, no brigades listed and no map. If I click on the brigade tab everything shows up and I can see brigades. It looks like I could post missions. The map works. All of the interface works except the active missions tab. My son is on the same network but a different computer and he sees the missions just fine. I am not in a squad could this affect it? I need help as it is the game is unplayable.
  9. Full installer did not work for me right away. After most of the way through install it asks if I want to allow an unauthenticated party to make a change to my computer, I go ahead and click yes and it failed to install twice. The third time was the charm.