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  1. im also having issues logging in - Unable to locate the authentication server.
  2. Great idea
  3. We are rebuilding..... (WOOT, 1000th post)
  4. Everyone knows who we are and want to be just like us Don't be like us, BE US
  5. Gunny, If you've got nothing constructive to say then get lost and play WoT and bug the people there instead. 1.34 is still being tested, hence the intermission and mini campaign before it goes back to the map, i wish people would understand this. Reporting the CTD is fine, thats why the forums are here but stop god damn moaning
  6. I have done this before with another player. You have 2 options. 1) get his / her Game account info and log in with it on the wwiiol website and pay that way. 2) if above doesn't work, email with the member name of the player you wish to help pay for. Don't give your full card details. Write it like this. I (real name) (gamename) would like to pay for the account of (your friends game name) using the account details ending in XXXX. Please debit my account. Or something similar to the above (BLOO with give you actually wording) It's good it see players doing this for each other, I guess that's what make this game as good as it is.
  7. Weasels, This forum is here for you guys, any questions, help or advice needed feel free to ask here or even send a PM to the weasels leadership which you will see ingame under the squad tab while looking at your map. There are a lot of experienced players, high command officers and the games employees here to help as much as we can. Looking forward to working with you all
  8. Bring it on I say
  9. For both online and offline modes, Have completed uninstalled the game and all its files. Have re installed the full version, updated the patch via auto update but keeps timing out on me This is my WW2_log file Date and time: 4/10/2011 20:03:57 Program compile time: Mar 30 2011 14:33:52 File version: 1, 33, 2, 255 GL Vendor: NVIDIA Corporation Renderer: GeForce GTS 250/PCI/SSE2 Timed out connecting to game networkExited Program: file: ..\..\src\rn\rnmain.cpp, line: 392 Can anyone pls help
  10. There are server issues with the game at the moment, The game makers are looking into it as we speak