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  1. I used to appear to be a case of you not receiving the data packet that tells your client the other play has stopped shooting, which was why if you asked them to shoot again you would usually then receive the pack that says that they had stopped shooting the 2nd shot, and thus the sound stops. However, currently doing that doesn't seem to always fix it, which suggests its related to something else. It's certainly on the long list of things to get looked at and sorted.
  2. Thanks for the info xl2dylar. Very useful. The lose of mouse and keyboard control is an odd one. One of the testers had the issue from time to time, and he found most of the time alt-tabing to something else then back tended to fix it. How ever, none of the rest of us had the issue and we couldn't find a way to replicate it.
  3. Reisman, could you tell us what operating system you're using. Are you using the 32-bit or 64-bit version of the game?
  4. That is about to change.
  5. ..

    Only the shooter sees the correct flight of a round. 3rd person view is only an approximation. It's why you can't forward artillery spot as you don't see the round land where the shooter shot it. Also weapons can only show one type of effect in 3rd person, so just because a tank shoots at you and you see a AP round effect, it could in fact be a HE or HEAT round. If I recall correctly, I think most tank guns show AP round effects in 3rd person.
  6. As someone who has sailed the Fairmile a LOT over the years the last thing you need if for it to set of EWS. It's a fun unit to use as whilst everything in the game bar the trucks can kill it, you can also kill everything with it. But on the rivers most of the time the only advantage you have is that the Fairmile is so rarely used these days that people aren't expect to see one so you can sneak up to things. Once you're spotted you're not going to last long, so the last thing you need is an ews warning popping up and warning players who had been ignoring the river that they need to look towards it to get an easy kill.
  7. Only 2 obvious things that come to mind are either the FB got taken down or if it was made from a brigade that the brigade got moved.
  8. You see tracers go through everything, they don't have colliders and are purely just there for visual effects. The actual rounds do have colliders so shouldn't go through anything that is thick enough to stop them.
  9. Actually somethings you have said had got me thinking about something that had happened when testing recently. I'll talk to the other testers and see if they think it might be related to this issue. Could explain a lot of oddities.
  10. Never seen anything like this, but it is obviously happening for some of you, so lets see if there is something in common. Might help narrow this down. The two obvious things are the graphics card you are using (I'll take it as read that you are all using the latest drivers), and the in game settings. It could very easily be a case of that if you use a certain type of card and have a single setting set one way it could cause this, and would explain why most people don't have the issue. As a possible baseline, I have a Nvidia GTX670, and have all settings turned on and set to max.
  11. First question is had you used any other weapon, looked at the map, or used the binoculars before you laid down at the top of the stairs? Only time I've ever managed to get a weapon not to shoot was having had something else selected before, and although the visual showed I had switched back to my main weapon the game hadn't actually selected that, and thus when I came to shoot nothing happened. For example, I had the map up, switched to my SMG, EI appears, I press fire, nothing happens as the game thinks I'm on the map when left click does nothing. But this happens very rarely, once or twice a year for me. So we need to find a repeatable way of getting this to happen so we can pass it onto the coders to look at and fix.
  12. As Zeke says, it's figuring out a repeatable sequence to cause this, then we can get it passed up to get sorted by the coders. Been playing since 2002 and never had the issue. Tried lots of stuff but so far I can't recreate it. Closest thing so far as others have noted is that sometimes when you change between weapons, or grenades etc, although it shows the item you selected its still on the old one. So if you were an engineer, had the repair kit selected, scrolled to your rifle, then press fire, nothing happens as the game thinks your trying to place a repair kit, not shoot the gun.
  13. Remember if you press T it puts you in walk mode and other players then can't hear your footsteps. Not saying that is what is happening in all these cases, but something to bear in mind.
  14. Was certainly fine a couple of versions back. Tested out the live and current beta ones and so far haven't been able to replicate it, but will keep looking as it's by far my fav unit in the game. If I can find a way to replicate it I'll make sure it gets ticketed.
  15. All the odd FB flipping issues are bugs. Being looked into. Hope to have a solution soon.