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  1. Which version are you trying to install? The normal one or the Steam version? And does it say where the old files it detected where? In My Documents, or Program files etc? I presume from what you've said that if you agree to deleting them the installer doesn't finish? Does it crash with an error message? Finally, if it finishes without an error, can you run the game in offline mode? Also to note, any old shortcuts on your desktop will be pointing to the wrong place, so will never work if you try to launch it from one of them.
  2. Actually this razes an interesting issue. On the Allied side, the Ops channel does as you'd expect, has all the info about on going ops on it. Side channel was the equivalent of an OT channel. Given this, many of us playing Allied would de-tune side as it was just spammed with none game related stuff. Then when I played Axis I was surprised to see there appeared to be little communication about on going stuff on the Ops channel. Finally found out that for some reason they were using the Side channel instead! Therefore this bug actually effects the new players playing on the Axis side a lot more than those playing Allied. Obviously not intentional, just a quirk of the way the 2 sides ended up using the Ops & Side channels.
  3. Yep, of all the things in 1.35 it the thing I wanted the most.
  4. The vis list is meant to prioritise what you see so you see more of the most appropriate targets. So if you are flying 85% or more of who you see should be air targets with priority to EA. The rest is then a mix of friendly & enemy ground units. We have been thinking that this hasn't been working correctly for a long time, and this recent influx in numbers is showing that to be correct. Certainly needs looking at.
  5. The obvious question is had you gained a rank? The points add up until you get enough to reach the next rank. At which point you get promoted and they reset to 0 and you work you way towards the next rank.
  6. The points you earn towards the next rank is separate for Army, Navy & Air in Each country. Therefore if you had 202 points in the British Army, then switch to another branch it would show the point you have in that.
  7. It was part of netcode2. But it would be nice to have that part back.
  8. If people are still managing to become offset then that is VERY interesting. Certainly the cause of most of the 1.34 off-set bugs is fixed in 1.35, it's just possible there is another way to become offset. Would love to see this and try and recreate it.
  9. You will have to do the full beta download. Then to run it you need to use the playgate.exe that is in the folder you installed the beta to.
  10. Having the Commander controlled by a different player than the gunner seams like a good idea, however given how the game engine works it would actually be a disadvantage. Only the player shooting sees the correct fall of their rounds, everyone else just sees an approximation. Therefore currently when shooting at long range you need to shoot, switch to your commander to see where you round falls, then adjust your fire. With the commander controlled by another player you couldn't do that.
  11. Pick a side, play a whole map as it. Then the next map do the same with the other side. That way you get to play with all the stuff available to you and see the pro's and con's of both sides.
  12. I used TeamSpeak pretty much since I started playing in 2002. The overlay/overwolf plug-ins are useful if you don't know all the players by their voices. For quick battlefield coms it's great. If you fly with other pilots then voice coms are essential as you just can't type the info remotely quick enough for it to ever be useful. The downside can be other people talking over important messages and it drowning out in game sounds. The latter can easily be solved by mapping the TeamSpeak volume setting to key presses. As for the people going on about none game things, well in the squads I've played with over the years we always found you only have to say something like BREAK when you have battle info to say and they stop talking. The non game related stuff is also why I now have several very good friends from around the world and one of the reasons I'm playing most nights even after all these years. Also the comments about there not being a lot of people on the official TS channels. Several squads have their own voice coms servers and use them instead. This partly goes back to when the official TS server was always crashing or going off line, and for some they just don't want anyone else on their squads voice coms.
  13. Positive,
  14. We appreciate the LONG hours all at CRS are putting in tonight to get this patch out. I'm sure you would all prefer to be at home with your families than stuck working late to get this out, but rest assured that the player base really does appreciate your dedication. Merry Christmas. !S MW.