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  1. hi there, if you see my post, i use win7:) 64 bit and to not get mouse lockup, game has to be run in vista compability for Win 7
  2. ah well, 1 more smartheap error, took max 4 min in game to get it. sound, starts to chopp up, and screen locks up, and the CTD comes, with smartheap error. something is REALLY bugged here, thats for sure. PS: tried to uninstall and delete folder after uninstall, and reinstall, still crap, and with another download/install file as well, som it aint a bugged download.
  3. Hi there I just got the smartheap error, first time for me, have not played mutch, and havent CTD in many months, never had this before system specs: Win 7 64 bit i7 920 CPU (no overclock) 12 gig ram GTX 295 (182.06) OCZ SSD raid 0 120 gig disk Xonar DX sound card fresh install of game. Hope that helps, and i got it while in air, as paratrooper, from gilze to breda.
  4. Hi oldzeke thx for the tip, ill try that, but i stresstested with futuremark vanguard, and the 295 failed/chrashed the entire PC, but my old 8800 passed it. I switched the PSU as well, since a 295 REALLY hogs power, and the new PSU could be defect on 1 of the 12 V outlines/several outlines, and tested it with my old 750, stripped for disks/CD roms, and still crashed. so, for my 5 cents, seems like a defect card, and 1 other thing, it beeped when i ran first vista test check (power/fault beep), so i think something is wrong here, but ill test your way oldzeke, just to make sure.
  5. hi klaas, i tried that one, and the driver sent by asus, same issue i am affraid:( i do think its something regarding 2 GPU/setting here, i am going to run some more tests, both vista 64 bit and windows 7 64 bit, to see if i can get wizer. PS: i managed to log in and be functional 1 time, in very low resolution 1024*768, but thats it.
  6. good evening gentlemen I recently bought myself a new GFX card, the asus ENGTX295, witch i have with a P6T deluxe and 12 gigs of kingston ram 1333. now, the setup worked flawlessly with my old 8800GTX and rest same, now with this GFX, i only get black loading screen and login screen (cant see it, unless i alt/tab out and back in again, then i see, but no action) I have done reinstall, tried different OS and so on, same problems across the board, and also drivers. So gentlemen, any tips and tweaks? I have tried to turn off 1 GPU and run in single mode, same problem, so that is said
  7. aopen 1559 AL Nvidia 6600 MXM runs WWIIOL fine.
  8. LMAO, french rowboat brigade? i really liked that one, it has a nice ring over it:)
  9. I recently was reading my motherboard's manual and noticed this SLI stuff. I'm wondering if adding a second video card (about $400) will increase my in-game performance. Right now I don't really need the boost, but I'm curious if it will help, or if it only affects programs that are specifically designed to work with SLI bridged cards. As far as i know, WWIIOL has not been given all the codeing for the SLI or the coming ATI version to get trhe real boost all of us SLI owners are looking for. i would love to hear from the rats regarding this, since both the big manufacturers will support dual cards down the road, and this game is so demanding that SLI (even the "cheap" setups would benefit a great deal if the codeing was there for it. I have not heard about players trying SLI in this game yet, and their reports about it, but theres got to be ALOT of tweaking to get it working good so you get benefits without hardcodeing present. PS: SLI gives you a 50% to 60% boost in games that supports SLI, so its worth it in my oppinion, if the rats codes it, and they do have a nice sticker on frontpage from nvidia, so i got high hopes that SLI support will come.
  10. yes, you should be able, in my oppinion, but alot depends, like drivers, fine tuneing of your comp and so on. but, you might have to lower your 2xAA 16xAF, so that is said, but it depends:) i did upgrade from 3000XP to 3000 64 chip, and a 939 MB, and with 2 gigs of ram, and a 6600GT, i got decent FPS, but not running top resulutions, its running 1280x1024 32 bits, with high vis, and decent amount of goodies, and i am doing about 30 to 40 FPS. but 1 fact i think still has alot to do with this game, is the pingtimes, witch i got very high numbers, and also slows my main comp down (FX53/3 gigs of ram/Asus a8v deluxe 939/6800 ultra and raid 0 on 2 36 gig raptors in stripe mode and MB/GPU/CPU is watercooled and overclocked. that comp, with not alot of the goodies, i got 50 FPS in game in 1600x1200, but used it on a different ISP line, and got 30 FPS more, if ping time was low. Regarding the ping and FPS connection, this is not listed by the rats, but with what i seen and experienced, its in there it seems, so please do not look at my numbers, and BTW, i live in Europe, thats why the high ping times.
  11. a turtle beach card or 1 of the newest audigy cards, but my 2 cents would go for turtle beach. PS: your comp looks great, but it lacks in the graficcard department as well, and should be the next one on the list as well. 9800 pros are not famous for their Open GL, so that is noted. but, i am sure the boys here guides you to the best setup for you, they are quite good at it:)
  12. good, enermax is among the best that is, and i must say i am biasd, i use them myself on my rigs:) well, its not that hard to take down a CPU, too bad cooling, or just too mutch voltage will kill it fast, and not stable voltage is also a big killer (shitty PSUs, like q-tec and so on, you get what you pay for here), bad voltage is also a gigant CTD maker in this game, and people seem to forget the importnace of a good PSU, they buy top of the line stuff in their comp, and think they can save on the PSUs, SHAME on them.
  13. well, if that epox motherboard is what i think it is (939 chipset), i think you should atleast get a 50% increase of FPS, and my company sells epox boards, and they are good and stable, and also amongst the cheapest, but good. the key here is the DDR RAM, and the usage of the dual channel setup that hte 939 MB has built in, and the PCU/GPU/game wants and almost demands for good FPS. the trick is to make sure you got coverage in this setup with memory: slot 1 and 3 filled with DDR Ram (see the colouring of connectors, use same colour) and if you got 2 more sticks of ram: Slot 2 and 4 filled with DDR Ram (see the colouring of connectors, use same colour) DO NOT use 1 or 3 sticks, that WILL slow your system down, and dual channel memory will not be available to you, think 2 and 2. PS: be very careful with the overclock attempt, i work in a company that fixes computers for households, and get alot of burnt CPUs/busted MB/killed GPUs(grafficcards). and a BIG BIG tip is to make sure your PSU(steady good voltage across the board) is among the best that is, the better it is, the better your system will behave and you decrease the chance of busted parts. Good luck to you, and your new rigg, looks sweet, and i am sure you get some decent FPS increase.