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  1. Great way to think outside the box on an issue that has plagued the game for a long time.
  2. should be back up "soon", somehow things got messed up and so they are down for longer than normal on a reset.
  3. Fantastic info there, great job!
  4. Emailed you. Thanks
  5. Aye, I did photobucket and did what was needed, but the error I get is the size is not allowed. Same for the avatar. I sent them via email to you and you had said you would look at them after you got home from work. No problem that you forgot, if you still have them take a look at them please.
  6. I remember being able to actually spawn in anywhere and have equipment there, and battles. aahh the old days, kind of miss it. I do understand the need for the current way it is done, just reminiscing a bit.
  7. Good luck, been trying for quite awhile, even went so far as to email the forums mods. Got some help, but when I finally got it figured out the size was wrong when I went to upload. Yet I see people with much bigger sigs and avatars than what is "allowed". Emailed the forum mod back, he told me would look at it and let me know, that has been 4 days ago. Its not a huge deal, just would love to know how some people can get their sigs and avatars uploaded that are quite obviously bigger than allowed.
  8. Gosh, how many years has it been since trains were talked about as the visual supply in game. Been quite a few.
  9. I am thinking it is simply because it could be abused by players, particularly in the low pop times. Its a shame that it could be used that way so the limits have to be imposed against all players because of the few. Then again I could totally wrong and that is not the reason at all...
  10. As a veteran of 'many wars', (I keep coming back), I can agree with what you say. It is the small things that matter as much as the big ones. First impressions can make all the difference for a game. If it appears sloppy or not maintained to a professional level people will be more likely to not stick around.
  11. Just make a thread for it. Seems silly that free account players can't access a suggestion forum... After looking, I don't see any particular place for suggestions, so just start a new topic for your suggestion.
  12. You will also find a that a good portion of the "vets" play the rifleman just about as much as anything else when it comes to the infantry classes. The free account gives you a real good feel for the game play, and bonus! if you find you can't pay one month for some reason, your premium account drops to a free play account so you can still play at least!
  13. Joining a squad would make the game a whole lot more fun for people. By doing so it gives them people to play with and talk to while doing missions etc. I have recently returned and re-subbed and find playing lone wolf style to make the game a whole lot more boring than I recall it being. A good portion of that is because I am not in a squad atm as I have yet to decide which side I will play on the most.