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  1. I hope the free players have forum access to squad recruitment forum? http://forums.battlegroundeurope.com/forumdisplay.php?f=20 I'm sure our high speed marketing department thought of that already.
  2. There's obviously a ton of outstanding bugs, issues and problems with the current version. Are we going to get an update? Is there hope on the horizon? Are any fixes being done? The total lack of communication or comment from CRS has many of us wondering if it's just always going to be this way. Any update is better than total silence. It's been over a month with no word about anything.
  3. As one of the welcome back soldiers, I can say that the experience was not what I had expected. I've been around a while and understand the CRS is a small shop, this game has a lot of miles on it, and it's still fun for many of us. In a way I didn't expect it to be perfect with new equipment and such, but it was a little rougher than I imagined it might be. Of course it's easy to say it should have been bug free before the welcome back offer, but on the other hand maybe the problems didn't manifest themselves until the population increased with the welcome back people. It's just too easy to armchair quarterback it. I'm sure the rats had the best of intentions. I would guess a few people are disappointed in the series of events as they unfolded, but as always, the bugs will get fixed, progress will be made, and things can return to normal. That's been the history here. It did remind me of how much I enjoyed playing this in the past. Funny thing is now that I have the rig to play it, I just no longer have the time. I'd like to be able to drop in once in a while but the monthly price doesn't balance well with occasional casual play. I'd like to suggest a subscription plan for the occasional player like myself. Maybe buy a block of days, and every time you log on it uses up one of those days. Some kind of a token or time based system, where someone could pop in once in a while and not get tied to the monthly sub. 1 token equals one days play and maybe sell 30 tokens for $40, or something like that. Just a thought. I'd like to thank CRS for the welcome back. I enjoyed popping in and see some of the old faces and names. I'm sorry to see it didn't go as smooth as everyone wanted it to but for me, it's nothing that would keep me from coming back, if I had the time.