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  1. I just cant afford to put forth a bunch of money for a 1 yr plan, I am a single parent and just can't afford to do something like that...more importantly you guys want me to pay for a game that really doesn't work the way that you advertise...the map for Mac users has been bugged for more than 2 years, with almost no least the CTD problem when scrolling over players with 10 characters in a name was fixed, a couple months later, but I can still not use my map properly, making waypoints doesn't work and hasnt for Mac users for a VERY long time. The fact that you (CRS) wants me to pay more for a game that is NOT working as advertised is absurd...the fact that you (CRS) even has the audacity to ignore problems (like the map bug for Mac users, among others) is ethically questionable, and now you want me to pay more? I have looked the other way many times when Mac stuff goes wrong and gets overlooked time and again, and I have never complained openly about feeling like a 2nd class member of the WWIIOL community, but this is it for me CRS. I just upgraded my computer so that I could continue playing WWIIOL, many players had to you are asking us to pay more. I obviously hope that you guys do NOT increase the rate, I love the game...if you ask me to pay 17.99/month to play a game that doesn't really work the way it should, and the way that CRS advertises then I am gone, and on my way will be placing a complaint with the Better Business Bureau of Texas stating that you (CRS) has a product on the market that does not work the way it is advertised by the company, and the company (CRS) does nothing to fix the problems....most business that have a defective product fix the product before asking more money for it. Good Luck
  2. Just tried the install update on the battlegroundeurope site...after installing this I was able to update to the latest version
  3. None of these things worked, can't even get to the ftp-server, the link doesnt work...including a full long until i can play again??
  4. Been going on for almost 2 yrs now
  5. I was hoping that 1.31 would also fix the map issues...still cannot place more than 1 attack waypoint or 1 rally waypoint. The map has been doing this for over a year now for Mac users...any fix incoming??
  6. Im on snow happens in both the live server and the training server
  7. cant seem to get my joystick working properly in 1.31...any advice?? In planes the throttle slider wont PZs the turrett just moves on its own
  8. ur the man ahwulf TY again sir BTW my 2 Gig iMac with intel processor is working pretty good in the beta...will have to see how it acts in high population battles
  9. i have the code to do the incremental flaps....but i cant seen to find where i should put it...can't find a ww2ol folder in the preferences...can anyone help?
  10. ty so much just found it
  11. Try version tracker to find TS2 Remember you are looking for "TeamSpeex" not Team Speak
  12. there was a thread posted a couple weeks ago about how to get combat flaps working...couls someone either tell me how to view old threads, or be kind enough to post the code (along with instructions for a newb)...TY!
  13. I BEG OF YOU!!! please keep this post up a bit longer...trying to figure it out
  14. What about an app to let us see the map on our iPhones and iPod Touch?? That would be cool
  15. Can anyone help me out with keymapping on my new bluetooth keyboard??? I seem to not be able to set the new key...i click on the command i want to change, but cannot change the key, no matter what key I push, nothing happens...I don't have the page up and page down keys anymore and cant change my sights please my friends
  16. TY so much ahwulf...your the man!!
  17. yes biggest concern is being able to change the range of my weapons
  18. grimes has a good 1....I use safari, but use IE 8.0 to develop the page
  19. i had this same crash effect680 my crash report is identical so ill hold off on posting
  20. drdank is having the bug that ahwulf described as being related to the "666" bug ... i have been having the same issue under the same conditions
  22. am to expect any sort of response to this SEVERE 666 effect bug that is crashing the game every 15 - 20 mins...???...we complain for a few days and hear absolutly nothing from CRS, i mean is this going to be fixed at some point?? Y AM I PAYING 14.95 A MONTH FOR A GAME THAT DOESN'T WORK THE WAY IT SHOULD...Y AM I PAYING 14.95 A MONTH TO CORNERED RAT SOFTWARE IF NOTHING IS GOING TO BE DONE, OR IF IM NOT GOING TO GET ANY KIND OF RESPONSE? WHERE IS THE CUSTOMER SERVICE??
  23. ive made many posts about this patch ahwulf this thread should be deleted so it doesnt turn into a posting war i didnt hear back from any support staff that there was going to be any kind of fix, really didnt see anything except that the bug had been reported, i was dissapointed to not see any other communication on the issue, i love this game and don't want to unsub from it...bad for CRS, and me..lose-lose, in the past i never would have thought about unsubbing...but with money issues the way they are for everyone, this could be the nail in the coffin so to's a huge waste of money for me when the game isnt working properly, and i dont want to go back to playstation - it sucks - but i will have to if these issues aren't dealt with, just out of need PLEASE CRS DONT MAKE ME UNSUB...I LOVE WWIIOL!!
  24. weather or not i know anything about coding or how the game works, or whatever i am a paying CUSTOMER...i am the customer, i am paying for a service, i deserve, along with all the other people having this 666 bug problem, to be provided customer service...i am asking for customer service, i dont give a rats behind about coding, like u said i know squat about a coffee roaster...i am still a customer who pays money to CRS not just to play the game but i also pay money for support, and CUSTOMER SERVICE...the response to my post was way out of line ... the ongoing problems with this patch ARE something to complain about ABIDUBI YOUR AN need for that kind of garbage...i have been CTDing 2-3 times an hour depending on the day...the "work-around" only works occasionally, just because you are not having the same problem as I, doesnt justify u posting the way u did...week after week there has been an issue with the game, and it has become very frustrating...i never made a post in the support forums before this patch so its not like im a cronic complainer
  25. Im an Intel user with the installer problem!